Game box art challenge?


You don’t get to choose. You live with the burden.


Lords of the realm II


Ding ding ding!




Here’s one that should go in about 10 minutes…


Freespace 2?


Homeworld: Cataclysm


I am disappoint!


Crusader: No Remorse


Another sequel, now!


Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators. Great pick!



Post-test: I played the crap out of this game. It’s so fun. I think people here know that already though. :P


Jeeze, somebody slapped a Cinemaware label on Space Rangers 2?

I remember when I was at Yahoo zombie-Cinemaware came out with a casual Defender of the Crown game. Made me weep a little inside.


Yeah I was wondering which box might be the correct box to pick for this game… but this is the one I owned so it’s stuck in my mind and I saw it around a lot so I know it got wide distribution like this.

Actually this might have been the second copy I bought? Dunno, I’ve bought it on disc at least twice and I think digitally at least once now.


You and me both! I love that game so much. Sooo awesome.

I’ll pick something else later today (most likely tonight).


Boy, Brazilian nights are long.

Wakey, wakey, @rhamorim!


Sorry about that! It’s been a crazy couple weeks.

Not sure if this will make it to the second frame, but here it goes. ;)


No worries! :-D
Mmmh looks familiar but not enough to make a guess, I’m leaning toward some mech game…


That reminds me of Supreme Commander, don’t know how many hours I put into that game but it’s a lot! I don’t think 2 came out on Games for Windows so I’ll say it’s the original.


Wow I knew it looked familiar but couldn’t place it. Google says you’ve nailed it.