Game box art challenge?


Not Elite.


That is really familiar.


Okay, this one may give it away, or it may keep this going a little while longer. Cutting around key elements is getting tough :)


This is SO familiar, but I can’t remember the full box at all.





Um…it’s not I-War 1 or 2…it’s not Millennia…it’s not Dark Star One…guh…


I feel like maybe it’s a Star trek game?


Okay, this one should definitely start to give it away.


Okay, at this point it’s more or less the full box minus titles and logos.


I know I’ve seen that, but I can’t remember what or when. Aaaargh.


Final shot! Someone must get it with this one.


Eternal Darkness!


Phew! I’m glad someone got it. Perhaps I went too hard with the reveal diversions!


Wow, not what I thought that cover looked like at all…


Here goes:




In one! Apparently this was called Overlord in the US.


Played it back in the day on PC, not so long ago I remembered playing the game but had totally forgotten the title which sent me down a rabbit hole of old DOS space games which was fun. I eventually found it, it was the colors first and the vista second that shouted Supremacy at me.
I think I’ll dig a genuine cardboard game box out of storage for the next round… stay tuned.


No idea how this will proceed, either it will go first round or go the distance is my guess. One of the few boxes I still have from that era.


Supremacy had a great tune.