Game box art challenge?




The famous Dragon Age T-Shirt Edition.


Fraid not




Shadow of the Beast 2



Well done Gordon, I feel kind of shady for not giving it to you on your first guess!


Nah, that’s fair.

I actually had the oblong box for Shadow of the Beast with the T-shirt and everything, but I didn’t know Psygnosis used that form factor for later games too.

If anyone’s interested, by the way, the Digital Antiquarian wrote up a fantastic history of Psygnosis.


So my first thought was ‘is that artwork from a Yes album?’

Because it is by the same artist. Seriously, it jumped at me as a cross between Union


And their 35th anniversary album

Turns out it was by Roger Dean, and the same year as Union no less


Oh yeah, Psygnosis was all about the Roger Dean artwork. Huge part of their aesthetic.


Indeed it is! His cover art is probably the best thing about the first two SotB games, neither of which have very much at all to do with the games themselves.

I’m very jealous if you’ve still got the t shirt Gordon!


Lost years ago, I’m afraid. :(


Next box:


Such is life!

There’s a place just up the road from me that has got a permanent exhibition of his art on display/for sale. No Psygnosis stuff last I went, but very cool never the less


Populous 3 “You let us down again, Peter!”


I’m only in the middle of Part 2, but I had no idea Psygnosis came out of Imagine, and that Imagine was such a… company (I’d comment, but that’d send this in P&R territory). Fascinating.


Next frame…


Ogre Battle?