Game box art challenge?


Next box…


Ultima Underworld


Ultima Underworld? But I think we already did it.
Edit: Ah, beaten because of that extra phrase!


Did we already do it? I did a search for the term in the thread and it didn’t come up except as a wrong guess.

If so, I’ll get another one.


I just checked, and indeed, we didn’t! I must have thought really hard about doing it more than once :D


Yup! Take it away.


Okay, new box. Hopefully this one hasn’t been done …


SSI’s The Summoning


Diablo errr, the original?


Red Alert?

Or am I just thinking of the menu screen?


No to all. Next image -


Temple of elemental evil


Rise of the Dragon.


None yet; but I think it may be had with this one -


Manhunter: New York?


Ding ding ding!

Such an oddball series. Definitely not very Sierra-like when they came out. And the sequel was, I felt, handicapped by continuing with their AGI (?) interpreter and CGA graphics when their initial SCI games had started to come out with sharper visuals.


It was such a fantastic series.


I can’t put up anything but lurve this thread so am bumping it


@PreachyPreach do you want to put up some box art?


Sorry! I completely forgot it was my turn. Will get on it tomorrow.