Game box art challenge?


Good guess! But sadly it is not.

Did they make a Short Circuit video game?? Johnny 5, named because of the number of pixels they rendered him with?

I miss the days when the GUI takes up half the screen.

How long do you think it is before I can post that in the Game Frame Game and have no one recall it was also here?

edit Woo, someone uploaded a youtube video about it only 3 days ago! We’re on trend here.

Also: The cover is so far looking perfect for James Bond. But all of the James Bond game boxes have been as terrible as their movie posters, so it’s not one of those.

You’re on to something…

Oh fuck. Not guessing this.

I know you know 100%. My thought when creating this was: Left Empty knows.

I’ll guess Viz as a way to grief!

Spy who loved me?

Oh it’s James Pond! Ha, how did I not get that? I guess because I never had the box, I just had a self-labelled disk like everyone else on the Amiga.

It’s probably the Megadrive cover. Computer didn’t argue about bits, did they? :O

Yup! lol

It turns out there’s a much simpler reason: It’s because I’ve never played it! I took a look at a longplay on youtube and I’ve never seen it before. I’ve only ever played James Pond 2: Robocod.

I’ve definitely played this next game:

Hopefully you have too?

I really hope I didn’t.
This screams United Kingdom Cursed Tapeware to me.

I’m not sure of the provenance of the game, but if I had to bet I’d imagine it was some continental nonsense :) I mean, this little chap clearly looks French:

Nightmare fuel.

Everything’s horrible.