Game box art challenge?

Nope to both.


Micro Machines

Nope to both.

Some form of Tetris?

Nope, a strategy game. Amiga and PC (and probably Atari).

Frank Zappa: the Game?

No idea, but it reminds me of an old Zappa cover.

Trippy. No idea.

Hmm, didn’t think this one was too difficult, but I never know if what I liked back in the day was popular or not. I guess not in this case, or at least it has been forgotten.

This one was mentioned on Qt3 recently in another thread. They even posted the box cover.

It featured a bunch of real world leaders.

Nuclear War?

Yep, Nuclear War by New World Computing.

I must confess I had never seen the box (I never owned a 16-bits computer, poor little me), but the cheesy art and your mention of a strategy game with real world leaders was pretty much a given.
Played it a ton at a friend’s. Cold war kids and the joy of playing with those fearful toys - same appeal as Theatre Europe, I guess.

Wow, that is a name I had completely forgotten about. I don’t know if it was released in the States, but I bought it on a vacation in England and then read the rule book a few dozen times before I got back and could actually play it. So many memories from this thread.

This new one got nothing to do with it!


Ho ho, I take that as a double entendre, and no.

I don’t believe this is even box art.


I’ll argue it is box art, by coping out and resorting to the wide-encompassing classical philosophical definition to art, which is something done by the hand of man. And while I think this wasn’t done by robots, yet, Photoshop might have been involved a bit too much, it seems!
Not great art. But appropriate, in my opinion. Obviously inspired by another cover, if this might help somebody.