Game box art challenge?

I think I’ve seen that owl somewhere. So this much be a close up of part of a game’s box art?


Kessen 3? Pretty sure I’ve got at least some aspect of the game identified correctly.

Craig’s the winner!

I enjoyed that light Totalwar-ish… strategical ARPG? by Koei so much, and a recent thread revival reminded me of it…

Hey, how about that. Give me a bit and I’ll put up a new one.

Gotta hand it to you, someone will probably get this one.

Witcher 2?

Gloved hand?


Otherwise similar cover behind the black bars?

Not particularly ;)

I see what you did there.

Wait until later, even my frame titles are punderful.

Team Fortress 2

Oh, hey, I meant to update last night but things went crazy at work. So sorry about that!

That’s definitely “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”. But I wasn’t aware it ever came in a box?!?

Well It came in a box somewhere! Granted I expect most people bought it as a digital download.

A winner is me! I will post something tonight. I am going to try taking a photo of a box I actually own, and see how that works out.

I thought they were claws!

Good eyes, Josh!

Ok, the gimmick here is that this is an actual photo I just took of an actual game box that I actually own. What game is inside this box??

(click here for big)

I’ll refrain from commenting, affraid to reveal too much about the later stages of my puberty.

Well done sir!
(click for big)

Of course half the box is covered by some darn sticker!

Ew, I feel the pain.