Game box art challenge?

You can also use PowerPoint and add black boxes over the image, then delete the boxes as you see fit to reveal more of the image. I personally just use Paint.NET with layers.

This is what I do, in Except I usually keep the black-out layer visible and just transparent-ise it a bit, rather than hiding/unhiding.

(You can make a layer transparent by right clicking on it and selecting properties or something like that)

OK - thanks all.

California Games.



I say: The Hobbit, C64.

Maybe an actual bit of the art could help. ;-)

One final picture for the day before I head off.

Some type of alternate cover for GTA?

I’m starting to think it IS California games now!
I’ll say Track ‘n’ field?

Skate or Die?

Blue skies, palm trees, crowd, checkpoint(?)… OutRun?

It is Outrun! Specifically the Amiga version (which was atrocious, but when it’s the first game you play on upgrading from a Spectrum…)

I remember trying to play Turbo Outrun on the C64 - Zzap gave it 97%! - but on cassette, and it had a very unforgiving multiload system that drained any fun there was to be had from it. Anyway next up:

TurboTax 2005

Just be glad you didn’t play it on the Spectrum, or worse, on the CPC - a very serious contestant contender to the title for worst game ever. But we lucky 8-bits guys had a monoral audio recording of the Arcade game music on an audio tape, to play alongside.

A very fruitful lesson I have never forgotten.

New box? check.
Pink? check.
No idea? check.

Whereas the Out Run rip off, etype, wasn’t half bad on the acorn machines.

The new game is a Sierra one? Kings quest.

Neither King’s Quest nor TurboTax (from any year), I’m afraid. A couple more details before bed:

Well, that would be The Stanley Parable.

(And it’s a bit of a cheat, since it’s an aftermarket “indiebox” box, but I was still able to figure it out, so I guess it’s not too bad).

Indeed! I figured it was fair game, as it had been featured on the front page a few months ago…