Game box art challenge?




Simon the sorcerer


Enlightenment - Druid 2.


Aw, I was hoping I could reveal more and more awesome details :’(

Fine, take it away!

The game was a fine more involved Gauntlet - an ancestor of ARPG in other words - but the mind blowing parts to our little group was two-fold.
First, you could summon a golemn that would wander aroudn kicking ass, how awesome is that!
And then, another player could grab another joystick, and he could actually control it!
Simpler times…

Congratulations, Profanicus!


Here we go! Kicking things off nice and difficult, small reveal, no pixelates - on which game box will you see this?




Final Fantasy XXII.


Nice try… but no. :)


Ace Combat: Macross.


Another good guess, but again no.


Maybe now?


Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Ding ding ding! We have a winner!


I could recognize Elma’s default armor anywhere. :-)

Can someone please take my turn? I’m nowhere near a computer and I won’t be for a bit (but I couldn’t not guess one of my favorite recent games).


I’d like to take a turn! I’ve never done this before!


This is probably LUDICROUSLY EASY, but let’s do it anyway.


Kinda feels like an old 2600 box. Missile Command?




Gracious. Busy now, so I’ll get one up in a few hours.