Game box art challenge?


Er, that deserty Heart of Darkness one. Drawing a blank on the name.


Nothing yet.



The only thing I remember about the FEAR box was it was a bit sepia/yellow, so it’s clearly this.


Spec Ops: The Line?


Penumbra: Black Plague?

If I’m right, that’s the only one in the series I played, and it was pretty good.


We have a winner.


Sorry for the delay, here’s the new challenge:


It reminds me of Digimon for some reason, so Digimon World 2?


Nope. Sorry for the extra delay again.




I’m so sorry guys, I got busy at work and forgot! D:


Defender of the Crown?




Woah! I must have been really young back then, as I remember the knight and horses, but not at all of the service-able lady!
Gorgeous art and colours (just like Warsong’s! ;).


Replying to myself.


I remember a Sherlock game/book/dvd had a skull on the cover. So I’ll guess Sherlock: Crime and Punishment.


That is not it.

Actually, on a phone, that skull was barely visible because of the info bar. Not the best first shot that was!


I was think it was something like Crusaders of the Dark Savant


Ghost master?


Neither of those!