Game Giveaway

In the course of cleaning house for an eventual move, I made a little stack of games I don’t want any more. I know I could try selling 'em on Ebay, but I thought instead that I’d rather just give 'em away to any interested QT3ers. I’ll even pay the postage.

All of the games are in cardboard or jewel cases (no boxes), and a few have no documentation. If you want one, just post “Dibs on X” here, and email me your mailing address.

EDIT: All games have been taken. Thanks for helping me clean house, folks!

Age of Wonders II + Strat Guide (TAKEN)
Deus Ex (TAKEN)
Etherlords (TAKEN)
Ghost Master (UK) (TAKEN)
Patrician II (TAKEN)
Project Eden (TAKEN)
Red Faction II (TAKEN)
Restaurant Empire (TAKEN)
Tropico 2: Pirate Cove (TAKEN)
Realms of the Haunting (TAKEN)
Space Empires IV (TAKEN)

Dibs on either Etherlords or Red Faction II, if I may, though I’m an infrequent poster.

I’ll even offer up:

Anachronox (CDs only)
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not: The Riddle Of Master Lu (TAKEN)
Total Annihilation: Kindgoms (TAKEN)
Ultima VII: Pagan (TAKEN)
Wing Commander II (TAKEN)

Edited to add the following clarification: I’m also offering these games to anyone who replies or sends me an e-mail or IM.

Back to Seattle, Jay?

No problem, noun. You’ve got Etherlords, and if no one else wants Red Faction II, I’ll send that along too. Let me know your mailing address when you get a chance.

Indeed, sir. Things have worked out quite nicely. The only real downside will be the further attenuation of our 56k trans-Atlantic connection :)

Dibs on:

Deus Ex
Red Faction II
Project Eden


I’m interested in Ghostmaster and/or Tropico 2, Tropico 2 if I have to choose. That is, if you are willing to ship them across the atlantic of course.

Good for you! Sometimes They Come Back. Also, Deadly Friend and Return of the Living Dead 3. Although in your ex-ex-girlfriend’s case, probably not as a flesh-eating zombie, unless I can spin the flesh eating and living dead thing into some sort of sly pornographic innuendo. Which I think I just did with that sentence. So I win. When do you move?

thanks Jason!

why you headed back to Seattle? got a job offer?

please don’t crucify me… I have only ever played the first 10mins of the Deus Ex demo… I keep hearing what a great game it is but never actually played the game.

Please don’t kill me… hehe…

Oh Tooom, where aaare you? :D

Dibs on Red Faction 2!

Also, welcome (back?) to Seattle! There’s a few Qt3ers here, including me and that swishy McCullough fellow.


But something tells me that someone beat me to it too! :( :(


Okay, I’m, just giving everyone their first pick until everyone gets a chance, so:

Deus Ex goes to DrDel
Tropico 2 goes to Kalle
Red Faction 2 goes to Doug

I’m planning to be out of here around November 21, in time for Thanksgiving with friends in Seattle.

As the good Doctor has alluded, I am in the Relationship That Would Not Die, i.e., we broke up a year ago and I moved to NC, but now we want to give it another go-round.

You won’t get any grief from me – I’m one of the few philistines firmly in the Tom Chick camp with Deus Ex :)

Yeah, I’m coming back. I lived there for ten years before. Any chance of anyone heading up a Shoot Club Seattle? Any other Seattleites here into playing boardgames?

Ooh – I’ll take dibs on Age of Wonders, if no one else gets to it first!


It’s not fair, adding games after I’ve already picked one. :) But who’s complaining, free games Woohoo!

You can find Age of Wonders for $10 in a jewel case at CompUSA, if that helps.

Not much, since the nearest CompUSA is a $400 plane ticket away :)

Dr Del gets TA: Kingdoms, Ultima 8 and Wing Commander II.

I feel guilty asking since I’m new around here, but if nobody else wants Project Eden, I’d love it.

I’ll take Patrician 2 if you’ve still got it.