Game of Thrones (HBO)


Imho the first half of the first season is pretty mediocre due to the insane amount of exposition and how pedestrian its handling is. Plus the directing leaves a lot to be desired (many people entering and leaving rooms, with no cutting to the chase or sense of rhythm). It does pick up on the second half, and the second season is way better, but I would not consider the first half as worth studying.

I also firmly believe (but have no evidence for) the Dothraki scenes are directed by the most talented director of the bunch assigned to the first season, while the scenes in Westeros are handled by somebody different (and less competent). The disparity in style and eleance and complexity in the mise-en-scene is astounding otherwise, and in there we find the few salvageable scenes from the first half of the first season. And it makes sense production wise (I doubt they shipped all directors to all locations so each could tackle the scenes for the episodes they were credited for).


I’m not going to study only half a season – if you want to see how a season is structured, you have to look at the whole thing. Also, for my purposes (which are entirely writing-focused), the quality of direction isn’t significant.


I’d like to see—for SCIENCE!—a graph showing boob timepoints during each episode of S1 and S2.


In fact, that generally is what they do. There may be a scene here or there that gets pushed or pulled from an episode, but because of rules on how directors are credited, they do travel from place to place. It’s part of the logistical nightmare they go through when planning filming on the show.




Those aren’t even real!



To me that looks more like the data structure behind a map in LOGistiCAL…


It’s official.


Aw, shucks, no hackneyed fan fiction this year? Dangit.


I’ve been rewatching Season 1 for Science! (i.e. studying how to plot a season of TV) and am curious about something.

The Black Watch guy who runs away in the opening scene. He says to Ned Stark before getting his head chopped off that he knows he should have gone back to the wall and warned the others.

  1. How did he manage to get south of the Wall without interacting with his comrades? Wouldn’t he have needed them to open the gate for him in the first place?

  2. Why not warn them anyway? He didn’t do anything wrong; he just survived a massacre by White Walkers.

I realize it’s a minor plot point, but it seems to me that this guy is a) not very bright, and b) able to leap giant ice walls in a single bound.


Given the amount of enmity the Night’s Watch feels for Free Folk that raid south of the wall, it is clear that there are other ways south than just the gates. Moreover, there are more gates than just the one at Castle Black, and we’ve seen that the Watch is severely undermanned. Since he was a member, he may have known (likely did!) of other ways to get through the Wall.

For the second one - they probably wouldn’t have believed him. Since the dead men rose as Wights, there’s also no evidence (e.g. bodies). Given that most of the NW recruits are criminals, and this group was lead by an obvious lordling (probably a youngest son), it likely wouldn’t have looked that good for him.


Just to elaborate on the second point, I think his number 1 priority was to flee south to get away from the WW. If he stopped to warn the night’s watch then it would have been much harder to escape and keep going south. If he just bolts from castle black in the middle of the night, they’ll probably use horses to chase him down. If he just avoids the night’s watch all together then he has a chance, since they’d just assume he was dead along with the others.


It’s Described better in the books but most of the forts/gates along the wall are abandoned now.


Yeah they do a pretty poor job explaining how they kind of starved the Night Watch of supplies and bodies as all the threats there turned into just fairy tales to scare kids and the lords and ladies and crown just fought each other and became petty.


Yesterday I attended the Game of Thrones Live Concert in Prague.

WOW. I expected it to be good but it blew my mind. It was so unbelievably well crafted, so emotional, Ramin Djawadi is pure class (he read his several sentences worth-introduction in hilariously broken czech, so cute) and pure talent.

Couldn’t hold back some tears during this moment

(click on it, it cannot be embedded for some reason)

And few others.

If you get a chance to see it (US tour is next), don’t hesitate.


Apropos of Ramin Djawadi’s composition, here he is playing the Game of Thrones theme on the Nintendo Labo.


Just gonna put this here


Ok… I’m guessing its just me, but I’m curious as to why Emilia Clarke is getting such a high profile. First Terminator & now Solo. Her acting is very one-dimentional and I think she’s actually not very good in GoT either…

Anyone else feel this way? Am I just immune to her charms?


Hollywood focuses on a few young actresses at a time. She’s the new Julia Roberts/Sandra Bullock, along with Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. Get used to seeing them!


It’s partly that, but she hasn’t had luck with her roles. Terminator Genisys and Solo both had all sorts of issues behind the scenes. Genisys was a terrible screenplay and an unhappy production, and we all know about Solo’s issues. Clarke said that she kept asking for more direction on her character apart from “she’s noire”.