Game of Thrones (HBO)


ASoIaF is predicated on the notion that history repeats itself. So focusing on the Age of Heroes is a very odd choice to me because it’s basically a repeat of the world facing the White Walkers. Just this time we get to see more details of how they came about? Boring.


Ya why does every successful franchise go back and do prequels instead of just moving FORWARD for once?


Because the White Walkers are going to win at the end of next Season. It would be really boring to move forward after that.


A lot of prequels are about the immediate timeline before the events of the original series. This is more of a KOTOR-like move to go thousands of years before the series.

And I’m so in awe John Reynolds knows all the plot points in advance. Maybe he can spoil them for us?


My point, which was obvious, is that in broad strokes it’s essentially the same story.



I don’t see man vs undead listed?


It probably falls in between Man vs Nature and Man vs Man.



I just broke an orbital from rolling my eyes so hard.


GOT is gonna be HBO’s superhero franchise.


Yeah I’m sure the word ‘universe’ is being tossed around a lot.

Of course, there were TV universes long before there were movie universes!

The All in the Family O Verse:

All in the Family
The Jeffersons
Archie Bunker’s Place

And then there’s that other one, something Trek?


Don’t forget Happy Days/Mork from Ork/Laverne&Shirley!


+Joanie Loves Chachi


The Tommy Westphall Universe?


There was even a Cheers O Verse. In addition to Cheers and Frasier there was very briefly a Nick Tortelli sitcom.


Wings is connected to that, too.


Really? Did characters from Cheers or Frasier show up on Wings? I don’t remember, honestly, and I watched pretty regularly, though I didn’t catch all the episodes.


Yeah. At least Frasier and Lilith showed up in one episode, but there may have been others, too.


The best things about Wings were Antonio the Italian cabbie and Lowell, the idiot savant airplane mechanic.
Crystal Bernard wasn’t too bad either, but for different reasons. :-)