Game you're loving the most - right at this minute

Katana Zero.

Super high marks for presentation.

Far Cry 6. This one seemed to get a lukewarm reception but I’m really enjoying it and boy is it pretty - amazing graphics. The open world has never been better too.



Gonner is also really cool, 'cause it’s nonlinear, see. Sorry, capricious mood.


This is it!

Gothic 2 Gold classic

Star Valor. A little too much. No, it does not have a campaign or much point beyond advancing on the power curve, but what it does it does very well, IMO.

Graduating to a dreadnaught that is an absolute killing machine and hunting down those once fearsome guardians is reward in and of itself.

State of Decay 2.

I find plague zombies fascinating.

I like this question. Game closest to my heart right now is Incision, which is an early access retro shooter. The first episode is fantastic. Eagerly awaiting the remaining episodes.

And I suppose some portion of my heart is always reserved for Dishonored 2.

Too soon, sir.

I’m playing this too, just connected the first two areas. I have no idea how far I’ll go and I’m really not sure if I even like this?? :)

Hopefully I’ll get to the loving it.


Game I love the most? I finished a playthrough of Days Gone last week, really enjoyed that one. Or maybe Cyberpunk 2077 because I’m watching the anime series.

That’s not what I’m playing though. I started up Horizon Zero Dawn, maybe 2-3 hours into it. Also been putting a few hours into Vampire Survivors, neat but getting repetitive.

I’ve been playing a bit more Last Epoch since finishing up Journey 4 of Elden Ring. While not as deep or compelling as Path of Exile, Last Epoch is much, much more SSF friendly by design as it doesn’t (yet) have multiplayer implemented, and so there’s no trading.

I keep being tempted to try Last Epoch out again. Tried it a year ago for a few hours and then put it back down to let it bake more. Felt like it was missing some of that addictive ARPG magic, which I know from the Grim Dawn EA period takes some time to conjure. Is it starting to get there?

I’d say it’s at least a lot closer. The core gameplay loop is pretty solid at this point. The endgame still needs work, but they’re adding to that on the regular, so that’s not a mystery.

What’s missing for my personal itch, and is tied into the trade economy thing, is a “currency” number I can farm and make bigger as part of my gear progression while trying to farm things directly. Knowing I need to get a rare drop completely on my own is disheartening sometimes, and having a backstop of “I can buy it for XXX exalts and I know I can farm that up” means I feel like I’m making constant incremental progress rather than just bashing my head against the RNG.

Guild Wars 2

I’ve played off and on since launch, and I restarted a few weeks ago. It’s in great shape.

Little Witch Nobeta because making spells shoot and have recoil like shotguns and machineguns is just fun.

Oh man, this thread. Those are the games y’all are loving? I love how weird you guys are. :)

Here’s mine at the moment:

I’ve been playing this thing obsessively. That’s pretty much its permanent table, where I’ve got a game going at any given time. It’s been like this for a few months now.