Games Journalism 2018: We're taking it back!


Ok this little tidbit from Waypoint while they were building Labo was super endearing:


Exactly. That is what thumbnails are for now.


Not necessarily. For one thing, I feel like I’m the only one that noticed this and is annoyed by it, it’s not like anyone over on IGN has brought it up (that I know, but I guess I don’t haunt those forums). Also, not a single one of the associated articles got a click out of me. I don’t want to know anything about Infinity War, I don’t watch Westworld, and I don’t care why they gave their 10 rated games a 10 per se. :)


fuck outta here


I’m going to have to agree with Adam. It’s binge worthy.



Oh, I will get to it, but I’m paying for Hulu and Netflix and was going to get back to HBO Go in the summer when I’ve crossed a few shows off my list and have fewer stuff that Hulu is hand for airing during the week. I watched the pilot and loved it when I had HBO last time. It’s a golden age of TV, what can I say? Plus, by the time I get to it, the second season should finish (it just started, right?) so that might work great, have almost two full season to binge in the summer when I sit out back on the porch with my iPad at night and smoke a fine cigar while I watch Westwood?


Not a bad plan. By the time GoT final season is out, you’ll have two seasons of Westworld in the bank to get you through the off-days each week.

Like an idiot I’ve kept my HBO Now going during the lulls. We only occasionally watch shows/movies on it when there is no Westworld or GoT.


Sling usually has a free HBO weekend once a quarter (they had one this weekend to promote West World). So if you don’t have to watch as soon as possible it is easy to binge a series over the weekend. I am sure I will see WW this summer like that. Just pack it all in about 4 days.


Quantic Dream is suing sites that reported on the allegedly terrible work conditions there.


I have HBO GO, but the o ly thing I watch on it is Sesame Street. I just don’t seem to have the time or patience to keep up with anything right now.


Huh, I wonder if they can force the paper to reveal their sources? Not sure what the laws are like in France. I know British slander laws are quite different from ours in the U.S.


It’s more about basically, once you feel a civilization you control has run its course, you switch to a brand new empire to build up again, and you do this over and over. The old one’s still there, it’s just fallen. They still score points for you, but you’re always doing the buildup part, which probably the most interesting part of the games anyway.


That’s an odd comment from the dev. Associating with activist does not make you or your company part of activism. I hope those who covered the story didn’t make anything up though;they seemed especially bad.


Lot’s of stuff:

Must be something in the water today.


I love Fahey’s articles but much of the Snacktaku food could cause health problems





This is only tangentially related to games journalism, but it’s so damn interesting I wanted to share it.

Before Wikipedia, I think it would have been viewed as being this horrible thing to say that there could only be one encyclopedia, and that there would be one dominant entry for a given topic. Instead, there were different encyclopedias. There would be variations not so much in what facts were presented, but in the way they were presented. That voice was a real thing.

And then we moved to this idea that we have a single dominant encyclopedia that was supposed to be the truth for the global AI or something like that. But there’s something deeply pernicious about that. So we’re saying anybody can write for Wikipedia, so it’s, like, purely democratic and it’s this wonderful open thing, and yet the bizarreness is that that open democratic process is on the surface of something that struck me as being Maoist, which is that there’s this one point of view that’s then gonna be the official one.

And then I also noticed that that process of people being put into a global system in which they’re supposed to work together toward some sort of dominating megabrain that’s the one truth didn’t seem to bring out the best in people, that people turned aggressive and mean-spirited when they interacted in that context. I had worked on some content for Britannica years and years ago, and I never experienced the kind of just petty meanness that’s just commonplace in everything about the internet. Among many other places, on Wikipedia.


Yeah, sometimes it’s worth reading the “talk” section of wikipedia with popcorn. The petty squabbles that go on in there, hah! I’d also point out that there’s often big discrepancies between articles depending on the language of the page.


I like Jaron Lanier but he’s a bit of a professional wet blanket.