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Another trending gamer award recipient chasing sweet, sweet clicks has done something dumb.

Dr Disrespect proceeded to stroll into the men’s room with tens of thousands of people watching his stream, then shouted the word “Bodyguard!” while E3 attendees—including one that looked to be a child—used urinals in the background. He then went into a stall. Other clips taken later depict him re-entering the bathroom two more times and using a urinal. Kotaku viewed the clips, but we’ve chosen not to link them to protect the privacy of those in the footage. Images posted to Twitter have also depicted Dr Disrespect urinating at a urinal, with a camera person standing behind him, and with many other attendees of the show using the urinals next to him.

Jesus what a fucking idiot. Fairplay to Kotaku for the way they covered it.

edit: not you obviously. I mean DrDisrespect was an idiot :)

LOL, no worries, Rod! :)

What a ridiculous thing to try. I’m beyond baffled why he thought it was a skit worth pursuing. Does the law not apply when laughs are at stake?

All’s fair in in love and lulz!

WSJ profiles Tim Sweeney.

Thanks, Kotaku.

NSFW obviously.

But for some players, Mordhau’s fun combat has been tainted by a growing toxicity problem that sees racist, sexist and homophobic slurs thrown around in both the in-game chat and the official forums, seemingly without repercussions.

As an example, one of the forum’s most popular threads is titled ‘Post your kniggas,’ in which players share images of their character builds. The thread started in 2017 when Mordhau was in alpha, and has attracted more than 2,600 comments since. One of those comments says “step up my kniggas,” another says “listen here, faggot.” When one player questions the racism in the thread’s title, another responds: “you are gay.”

In other forums, a thread with that title may be deleted on sight—but the Mordhau devs don’t have a problem with it, or its contents. “It is one of our longest and oldest [threads], as well as among the most active threads on our forum, full of creative loadouts from our community,” says Andrew Geach, speaking on behalf of the team.

“As for the title itself, we as a team don’t find it racist or offensive, and considering the thread’s content, we find it even less so. We do understand however that some people may interpret it as being racist or inappropriate if taken out of context.”

Uh, talk about a shitty response.

Something tells me that development team has a nearly complete lack of diversity, and it’s not just because they give players a wide range of choices like white males only.

Well there’s a game I was interested in that I will be skipping forever.

B-b-but it is historically accurate!

You and me both. I was just waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger on buying it but not now.

They have an international team of people from Slovenia, Canada, Germany…they are plenty diverse. This idea that the only “diversity” that exists or matters is about melanin skin level is stupid.

And to ignore the same is equally, if not more so, stupid.

And it’s not like there isn’t a long history of hostility towards women in many parts in geek culture, and that certainly includes devs. And this manifests itself constantly as well.

When their forums are full of anti-Canadian mobs instead of the misogynists and racists they have on there now, I am sure such expertise will come in handy.


I refuse guilt by association. Have these specific devs been hostile to women anywhere? Not including playable female models at launch isn’t it.

Nicely snarked.

Well, the refusal to moderate the forum from that kind of toxicity is in itself quite the decision, tbh. This is not guilt by association, this is guilt by refusing to tackle a problem. Which is not the same as being the cause of the problem, but it is problematic.

Also, the tweet by the company saying they never had plans to add a toggle to hide other ethnicities or “disable characters that aren’t white” is probably just PR crisis management.

Watching a video playthrough of the game, where is the racism in medieval combat?

Just so I’m clear, the company’s initial thought was to enable a toggle so players could choose to not see women or PoC on their end when they release these options? (Maybe they’ve backed off that idea?) And during that, they refused to lock a thread titled “Post your kniggas” filled with racist comments? At the same time, they apparently aren’t doing anything about racist behavior from their players in the game?

I have a full enough backlog to not bother with this title. I’m not saying they’re racists, but I also don’t need to play their game so badly that I can ignore their poor reaction. I will agree with their PR statement. They do have a lot to learn.

Lol at Mordhau.

I was thinking of picking up this game, but I guess I won’t now.

This reminds me of one of my favorite games last year, Rising Storm Vietnam. It can be really fun, but the lack of reporting tools for toxicity in that game have turned me away.

You can only imagine the voice chat in a game where one side is Vietnamese.

No way to report people either. Really fucked up.