Gears of War - Disk Unreadable Error

Hi, I’m baaack!

And like before, I am not alone. Just like I wasn’t alone last time.

I’m fairly convinced that the disk read error is a misnomer. The 360 has locked up / crashed. It happens instantly, right in the middle of a gunfight, and there’s no hint that it’s loading a damn thing from the DVD drive. I think it’s just a bogus error message.

But why does it happen to a few, but not to most? What’s different about my Xbox360? Dead Rising and GoW are the only two games it’s done it to me on, but I don’t have a ton of games. I have several Xbox games, and it’s never done it to them.

The only other 360 games I have are Kameo, and DOA4. Never had a problem with them. But they’re old. Not cutting edge. Did they not push the system hard enough? Are these newer games using the 3rd core and it’s a little flaky on my 360? Older firmware that can’t handle the load? I don’t know. But in my second link, one person claims they got their 360 a week ago and they’re having the problem.

I’ve confirmed that since the problem began with Dead Rising, I can go back to these older games and the 360 runs fine.

My 360 is very well ventilated. I’m convinced it’s not heat related.

I’m trying to remember when I purchased my 360. I think it was February 2006 – or was it March?. It was brand new, I had been calling the retailers for weeks waiting for them to have it in stock.

I’m convinced my 360 isn’t “broke.” However, that doesn’t mean that MS may have changed something, be it hardware of firmware, that prevents the Disk Read Error on the newer systems. Oh, and that kid who said he got his 360 last week was, um, full of it. I don’t know.

It’s frustrating to me that it’s happening to so many people, but MS refuses to say anything.

Fortunately, with the GoW checkpoint system the Disk Read Error isn’t too bad. It was absolute murder in Dead Rising.

I think MS has changed the DVD-Rom model type around 5 times now. As far as I know the rest of the board spec is the same (could be wrong though.)

So if I was a betting man, I’d still say it’s the DVD-Rom doesn’t read some sectors well, or you just got a lemon. Either way, you’re unit sounds newer, why not replace it?

For reference I have one of the first wave of units made. I also have about 35+ titles and not a single lock up.

you are wrong, IMO. call MS and get the coffin shipped. ‘some games’ working fine doesnt mean anything.

Ok… what’s the process and what should I expect?

Call 1 800 myxboxsucks, and it’s $130, right? Do they ship me a box? I heard something about they don’t do that anymore. What’s the turn around time? What happens to all my save games and stuff?


Typically you don’t send your hard drive with the unit. So nothing happens to your savegames. I recently had to return my unit because it stopped reading discs completely, for the SECOND time. They sent me a new 360 within a week with an apologetic letter. I think that may be SOP for now with all the problems with old units. Oh, and they sent me a coffin for the old one. This was only about six weeks ago.

Well then, it doesn’t need to be fixed!

Disk Unreadable Error just sounds much more fucking forbidding than Disk Read Error, odd, huh?

‘Disk Unreadable Error’ has that tone of finality about it. It’s toast, forget about it, don’t even bother trying…

I’ve had a few of them so far, but with no particular pattern, and the disc seemed fine and worked after being put back in so I’ve just been chalking it up to glitchiness in the DVD drive, given the original Xbox’s reputation.

there is no 130 fee if the unit is manufactured prior to 2006, and/or if its under the 90 day or extended warranty. Just FYI.

The coffin. That’s sad.

Also, I’ve had this happen several times with GoW.

El “It’s still not a PC!” Guapo

I’ve never seen it in any game on mine (crosses fingers)

I’d send it in ASAP if I did. Hell if I ever get any screen garbage or repeated lockups I’m going to send it in.

I mean, I guess it could be a dirty disk in some cases, but if you look at the disc and it’s clean, get the fucker fixed.

I had the same error as well as the game just freezing on me in split screen co-op. I read somewhere to try plugging the 360 into the wall instead of a surge protector and that solved the problem for me. So i’d give that a try before sending it in.

I just had it in Spliter Cell: Agent.


Honestly, it’s only a matter of time for everyone IMO. I was just informed today that a co-worker had theirs go kaboom. It was bought in like March. It’s about a six month burn until your system goes belly up.

If this continues through Christmas and into next year, I think a class action lawsuit against Microsoft is pretty much unavoidable. Broken systems may dog them for the life of the 360.

I think PS3 will be similarly broken based on its complexity. If I could get one Friday, I’d sell it. Not because I don’t want to play it (I do), but because I’d know the grief later when it breaks wouldn’t be worth it.


that sucks guapo, did you get a warranty?

Dave: It’s enough people that it makes me really nervous everytime I use the console, which isnt really nice as it’s given me absolutely no trouble.

I have the warranty but I would hate the hassle of a 1-2 week wait, I’d likely sell the replacement and the (holy shit, I have a ton of games!) games and go back to pc gaming where I can fix my own HW problems and most problems are MY fault. If they swapped 'em w/ working units I wouldnt have that attitude but once you get a replacement unit it seems you will be going through them constantly.

anyways, other than the fear of death, it’s my fav console ever, so maybe it’s worth the paranoia.

Well, I called 800 4myxbox. The Indian girl was very friendly, but they ultimately recommended I … get new disks. Since the problem only occured on 2 of my games, it probably wasn’t the console.

Which I don’t quite buy. The games that I have problems are the newer, more demanding games.

I also found out my 360 was manufactured January 5th 2006. Sigh.

My biggest concern is that I could send it out and pay $130, only for them to not fix the problem. :( I… I just don’t know.

$130? What a rip-off. The whole point of a console is you stick stuff in it… and it always works. You should have just told the Indian girl you “already” did that. There should be a 1 year warranty on this stuff. I’m kinda glad I don’t have a console. Sounds like a lot of grief… and it also sounds like people feel they’re playing Russian Roulette with their system everytime they play it. That’s no way to enjoy a console.

Post in this thread and you will get the error! (Viral attack!) Beware!

Anyone you know with a 360 that you can take the games to and play there. NO breaky on their 360 but breaky on your 360 kinda points to your 360 and not the disc’s.

good points, and it isnt acceptable to me either, but realistically, I’ve never had a pc with a warranty, and when a part dies it’s usually $100+ for me to repair or replace. So, not worse than pc gaming, except w/ the pc I can do the fix myself with no 2 week wait. Hey we even get patches for almsot every game now!