Geometry Wars Galaxies

So this is a pretty extensive text and video preview of the two versions of GW: Galaxies:

Gamespot Hands On Preview of Geometry Wars Galaxies.

I found a few of the things interesting in the preview:

  • Wii version is controlled with Nunchuck for movement, wiimote pointer for which direction to fire.
  • DS version is controlled with d-pad for movement, stylus for direction of fire
  • If you have the Wii version you can download Retro evolved onto the DS
  • There’s a galaxy, and each planet represents a level of play in Geometry Wars
  • Each of these levels is an infinite play situation
  • You get a little helper dude who gets new abilities as you play farther into the game
  • They promise online leaderboards just like with the 360 version. I wonder how that’ll work? One score per Mii perhaps?
  • Multiplayer!
  • There’s four multiplayer modes
  • A Coop mode where you can share bombs and lives
  • A competitive mode
  • Some kind of friend and foe mode where one person controls the enemies somehow.

I’m a big fan of the original game, but my main concern with the Wii version is brought up in the preview, which is that it doesn’t control as intuitively on the Wii because of the nunchuck/Wiimote controls. It’s got a bit of a learning curve. The real question is, will it become as second nature a control scheme for everyone that the dual analog sticks became?

And another question: Will they support the classic controller or Gamecube controller if you just want to use the dual thumbstick controls?

The DS version can also be controlled with the d-pad and the four face buttons which IMO is vastly superior for a shooter than trying to scratch around on the touchscreen. Very much looking forward to the DS version, don’t really care about the Wii version.

The main problem with this game is that the Wii version is going to cost way too much for what you’re getting. The 1up show previewed it this week and they said it’d be full retail price, though there did seem to be a hint that it would be maybe $40.

I would also prefer Classic or Gamecube controller support. I hope they put it in.

Yeah it absolutely has to have classic or gamecube support or no sale for me. In the 360 version once you get past 500,000 or so you really have to be able to change the direction you are shooting in a very quick and precise way. Plus, having to do the “wobble” aim where you just jiggle the aim slightly back and forth to cut a path through the enemies would be really difficult with a wiimote or a stylus.

You can try these control schemes out now…sort of with the steam version. You can play keyboard mouse or keyboard keyboard. On my laptop using the touchpad for aiming is pretty horrible, a real mouse isn’t much better, two sets of keyboard keys is a bit better, but nothing beats dual analog sticks.

Can the Steam version not use a gamepad with two sticks?

Oh it works great with the 360 controller and the wireless receiver. I was just recently out of town so all I had was my laptop.

Yes, I use a mouse and keyboard.

— Alan

In theory it can, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to get it to use my Logitech gamepad. Fortunately, I also have a wired X360 controller, so I just used that, but geez: using other gamepads should be pretty basic.

So the press release from Sierra said this is shipping to stores. And it also mentioned that it will support the Classic Controller, not just the wiimote/nunchuck combo. Hopefully that means it’ll also support the gamecube controller.

Hopefully we’ll find out when reviews start trickling in.

There’s already a review on IGN. They give it an 8, with the only real complaint being the fact that it’s a $40 sequel to a $5 game.

They prefer the classic controller and don’t mention the Gamecube controller at all.

Yeah, same with the 1UP review:

They don’t mention the gamecube controller either. Damn.

As a general rule though, can’t you use the GC controller anywhere that the Classic controller can be used?

Yeh, I think so. Paper Mario from the virtual console always refers to the classic controller, but it all works on the gamecube controller too.

Edit: I think I’ll be getting this when it comes out next year. I don’t have a 360, so i’ve not played the original. But the wii control scheme sounds like Wii Play Tanks, which was great, and something I’ve been wishing for a full game based on.

Hm well I guess my company didn’t get the contract to publish this after all. Last meeting I sat in on it looked like it was a done deal, too. I wonder what went wrong.

edit: oh wait nevermind i think we might be distributing it in asia

A $40 sequel to a $5 game that they supposedly wanted to be free, but Microsoft forced them to charge money for. Between that whole deal with Mark Incitti’s Grid Wars, the claimed IP issues over geometric primitives, and now this, Bizarre Creations is wholly into the realm of scumwads at this point.

How dare they charge people for a game! Inconceivable!

It’s always a stunning moment when someone not only misses the point entirely, but still somehow manages to over-simplify the one they made up as a substitute.

No, I got your point, I just decided mine made a funnier joke.


Don’t oversell your point.

That’s FUCKING RETARDED and anyone who does that shit ought to be fucking shot.

Dude, Grid Wars was like, exactly the same. I know there is some review out there which claims the subtle differences of Grid Wars makes it far superior, but whatever: the game was a total rip off of Geometry Wars and it would’ve been ridiculous for Bizarre to just let it go.

While we’re on the subject, for those who can’t get their X360 controllers working on Steam’s version of Geometry Wars, Grid Wars 2 works quite well with the controller.