Get into reality

Not mentioned: Hanson writes for the National Review.

Ad hominem. What on earth is that supposed to mean?

See what I mean about logic being completely useless? What does it mean to be right? The important thing is to be able to throw your opponent in jail, run them out of a job or subject them to social ostracization. Truth is no defense in Amerikwa. You show me logic, I’ll show you a coil of piano wire and we’ll see who runs the culture.

Does the US Constitution protect rich white people from stocking up piano wire to defend their homes from invading black welfare moms?

Do you think it’d be irrelevant if he wrote for Z Magazine?

With the recent Supreme court decision on affirmative action, it’s official. People with white skin are legally third class persons who have no guarantee of advancement through merit.

Originally affirmative action was to correct past wrongs. As of this week it is to “promote diversity.” Whacky. None of this stuff is mentioned in the Constitution and whence on Earth comes the i priori argument that diversity is defacto a good thing the duty of the state to promote through preference programs?

We have reverse apartheid in the United States, exactly as the original opponents of affirmative action predicted in the United States. To benefit from racial preferences, you don’t have to be descended from anybody who was supposedly hurt by racism. You just have to be any race other than white. You can come in the country on a Friday night in a cargo container and have a guaranteed admission into a college by the following Thursday paying rates not even available to in-state inhabitants.

Do you really think my predictions for ethnic civil war are crazy or unreasonable? Despite the fact that millions of other people in positions to know in the U.S. are predicting same and soon? I don’t think so.

Will make the Balkans look like a Sunday outing and that’s a fact. Go sip your cappuccino if you want and daydream about your consumer goods. Don’t be a man and get down to reality. It will catch you unawares soon enough anyway.

You can chase nature out with a pitchfork, sir, but she will always return with the Gods of the Copybooks in tow. She’s hellbent for leather on America and she’s packing heat. I predict nature is going to return with a vengeance on the U.S. and the last ones to know about it will be the first to die at her hands.

Not at all. There’s another way I’m better than you.

Is Vault 13 big enough to hold you and all your buddies? Should I invest in piano wire stocks?

Not at all. There’s another way I’m better than you.[/quote]

That’s one interpretation…

Oh Cleve.

Cleve we will run away together when the world dies.

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This Tonya thing is annoying. If you want to insult Cleve, just do it. Take of your freaking dress and stop hiding behind your skanky crack whore persona. geeeesh!

RE: Will we be one country with two cultures?

I really don’t get the thrust of this article. Haven’t we in the US always been a nation of different cultures? From the spanish, french, dutch, english colonies. Americans have always been a conglomeration of seperate cultural groups. Today is no different. The war you speak of is a philosophical one, not a racial one. People used to come here because they knew they could keep what they earned and worked for. Now they want to come here for the free ride. We’ve turned a nation of independence into a nation of entitlement.

One’s race has nothing to do with the problem.

You are wasting breath. Liberals care little for fact, preferring emotion to all else.

This idea of separate cultures instead of “American” is supported by these people. They are creating this fractured framework and helping to lay the bricks for it. They have no idea where it will lead but in their mind it seems good and useful.

I am in agreeance with your basic precept that some serious racial tensions are going to ensue in this country, but your timeline is wrong as is your methodology.

No nukes will be released and it will not happen soon. Maybe a decade or so, maybe more. But when it DOES happen it will be far too late to turn back.

The white liberals will see the Balkanized country they have created and go “What the fuck?”. Meanwhile, we will be speaking 2 or 3 different languages/dialects and living in a society that is very confused about what it is and where it is going.

It is happening right now but liberals who are touchy feel good types support it because it “seems” right. If they came down here to DC with me for a month and saw the other side of things they would recoil in horror because its a different universe. It exists, and we created it, but we are doing nothing about it so it festers.

Likewise, those who are not in the Southwest thinks its just great to support immigration and even illegal immigration. Stick them into the barrios for a few months then poll them again when they are thrust into a culture so alien and that doesn’t speak their language that I’m quite certain there opinion would be far different.

It is easy to pontificate from the safety of a University or in Crackerville,US. It is the people living/working near to the epicenter that normally have the logical and grim viewpoint about things.

I know you have been out of the US for a few years now Cleve, let me tell of you something that has happened in the last 2 years. This may seem minor, but just think of its implications.

I bank with Bank of America. I live as I mentioned in the Mid Atlantic region of the East Coast. When I go to an automated teller machine on EAST coast of the USA in the mid-atlantic states the very first option I’m presented with when I insert my card even before my PIN # is asked for is

Press 1 for English

Prensa 2 para el Español

This is nationwide now. No one cares. It is just assumed, that it is ok to ask in America natiowide at every major banking institution that when getting money from an ATM you have a 50/50 chance of wanting Spanish.

What the fuck is that?

Hey Cleve – the Supreme Court just rules that homosexual sodomy is a constitutionally protected right. It’s safe for you to come home to the states! You need not fear prosecution any longer!

They’re not racial tensions. They are tensions between the so-called rich and poor. Race may be a correlation, but not the cause of the conflict. It’s politicts of envy, the same way it’s being used in Israel between the Israelis(haves) and Palistinians(havenots).

Is Vault 13 big enough to hold you and all your buddies? Should I invest in piano wire stocks?[/quote]


Silo storage two is under construction, using a special steel form method of concrete construction we’re experimenting with. You could probably play baseball in there once it is complete before it is stocked with inventory.

Once the silos connect with Firehold Bravo, my underground city will be complete, except for some good sound insulation against the staging area walls to prevent us from having to listen to the pathetic sounds of feeble bony fists of people like yourself beating desperately on the outer vault door as external levels of radiation climb to six digit figures. I may mount a couple more nozzles to spray red capsicum out there to deter the pitiful sunken eyed QT3 regulars from loitering around the entrance hoping for some food scraps to come floating down the exhaust drain.

Sounds to me like the apocalypse has already arrived, it just hasn’t hit critical mass yet. I’m sure you know the classic analogy with a frog boiled in water so gradually it doesn’t notice until it is dead.

Myself, I believe that human history is the history of catastrophic, not gradual change. I know that some humans prefer to create stable frames of reference as abstraction and ignore conflicting evidence as a psychological precaution, but this isn’t always a survival trait.

Let’s go back in a time machine to the 1950’s and get Ward and the Beaver, bring them forward to our time and show them the ATM, surrounded by crack addicts with the sounds of police sirens and automatic gunfire in the distance. Then ask them who do they think has the big picture, Cleve the ex-patriot or Hermy. I think they’d tell you that Cleve fella is one sharp customer, damn near prophetic.

I predict it’s much closer than you think Hermy. Consider the morning of 9-11 again and you’ll understand what I already know … Western civilization is a 30 story pyramid built out of candy glass ready to shatter at the first sneeze. I see a morning like the Los Angeles Riots except in thirty cities with martial law that is never lifted and zones never returned to American control. Miami is a pretty good example - hyar be dragones.

And in Canada, it’s LAW that things have to be in FRENCH as well as English (the only language of the righteous and good among God’s chosen ones). Jesus fuck Canada must be the evilist place on Earth.

And Cleve, pics of this fantastic fortress of fagitude?

Didn’t they already do this with The Brady Bunch Movie?

… and look at the ugly secession movements in Quebec to split off. Mind you, that’s a spat between two European cultures. In Latin America, such disputes are settled at the business end of a machete. Mexicans are not well known for their patient diplomatic approach to social conflicts. It usually takes about ten seconds for people in Mexico to go full-auto and start lopping heads off left and right.

Your brain, Cookiepants. It’s what’s for dinner.