Ghostbusters - June 2009

Finally getting around to this. Question for you: I’m playing the game with inverted controls (as God intended) but when I actually wrangle a ghost it seems that the controls flip – up is actually up, down is actually down. Is that really what’s happening? It’s totally messing with my mind; I’ve played a fair amount of the game and I’m still struggling with the controls.

Otherwise, I’m enjoying the game quite a bit. Bill Murray doesn’t quite have Venkman’s tone and cadence down, but he’s far from phoning it in as I’ve seen written elsewhere.

At work we debated this and we think it came down to how the performances were recorded. The other cast sound like they were recorded with higher quality equipment that Bill Murray. If so, they the tech working with Murray might have not coached him very well. For example Bill Murray sounds fairly good in the Garfield films (which are close to Venkman on purpose actually), so he can give a good voice actor performance.

Pretty sure there’s a separate setting for ghost wrangling inversion.

I wasn’t really all that interested in this game, but since the death of Harold Ramos, there’s been a huge amount of articles online about a possible Ghostbusters 3, and every single article of that type always ends with a paraphrasing of Dan Akroyd saying if you want Ghostbusters 3, it was already made, and it’s the video game that was made. So now I’m curious damn it. I have to find a way to track this thing down.

Is it best on 360? Or PC? Steam has it for $9.99, or I could also get it as a rental from Gamespy after I’m done with Infamous (which should arrive tomorrow). The Steam version doesn’t indicate controller support, which seems like a bad sign for the PC version.

I played it on PC, I don’t think I used a controller, but its been a few years since I actually played it so I don’t really remember.

I will say I liked the game, it was a bit clunky and pretty much on rails, but it got the feel of the Ghostbusters really good.

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! :D

Avoid the PC version in my opinion. Mouse support was terrible, mouse acceleration rendered it unplayable for a lot of people (me included). They never fixed it and nobody ever found a solution that worked for everybody.

A shame because I really liked what I played of the game.

I played on 360, thought it was pretty fun. But good grief, that’s been five years now. Maybe I should play it again!

‘Unplayable’ (in terms of mouse support) is an understatement. I really should go back and give it another chance now that I own a controller…

As I recall, they also dropped multiplayer and maybe some other features from the PC version. I think the 360 was the definitive version ( and I loved it, in spite of one particularly frustrating level).

Hmmm, I played it and enjoyed it on the PC with a mouse. I guess I’m weird.

Ah cool , glad its getting a update for current gen. Its pretty much the 3rd movie imho.

Oh man, I love this game. I was glad it got added to BC for Xbox but what the heck, I’ll probably buy it again.

It strikes me as super odd that they waited until the tail end of this gen to remaster this. I could understand if there was some hot new movie or show coming out right now, but there isn’t. The timing just seems odd.

Man, what a great trailer. They got all the original actors (including Harold Ramis) AND they got the Ghostbusters song that everyone loves.

I keep meaning to play this game. And I keep forgetting whether I own it or not.

EPIC page is up, nothing on Steam yet…

And… its an EPIC exclusive.

Did this need a remaster at all?

I would have thought they’d time this to coincide with the release of the new movie.

I would have hoped it would be a free update for owners of the original. Kind of tired of these money grabs - at least make it cheap dlc or something.