Giggle away


Do you just make a new thread for every transient thought passing through your head?

Those are very rare, so he has to celebrate them and share.

Marxeil asked for pain. If you’ve been afflicted with trauma seek him for restitution.

Nah, how about you just stop posting.


Your pathetic wannabe-force-push-and-fails-at-it-hard has just lost.

I can’t tell if this thread is on topic or being derailed.

Foxstab needs a Live Journal. Bad.

I knew those weird pictures would atract Angie

I don’t know what you’re talking about. JoJo’s not weird, it’s bizarre.

Fabulously bizarre.

Ah Foxstab…whenever I’m feeling a bit down I can always rely on him to have recently posted to remind me that, all in all my life is fairly spectacular in comparison.

Fixed your post for you, dang spelling errors.