Gilmore canceled

RIP Gilmore Girls. I loved you in Season One. As perfect as television ever gets. But you seriously dragged on a few years too long, and I hadn’t bothered watching for the past few seasons. And the departure of your creator and main muse was a mistake. Still, I’ll miss you Lorelei and Rory.

Gilmore Girls was still on the air?

I’m not sure it dragged years too long, because anything that Sherman-Palladino did with the show was really decent, though the latter half of the 6th season was showing some major cracks and was hard to tell where it was going, and when it got there, it was really disappointing. The new season however, reading the descriptions, was borderline horrific and it misses all of the real personality of the show.

I’m sorry to see it go, but I was also sorry to see it go on the way it did.

— Alan

They really could’ve replaced the entire (very talented) cast with mop handles and kept the Palladinos and this season would’ve been better.

It looks like your husbands saved their log-in information for the forums. Remember to sign out and log back in with your own account when you make posts ladies!

I kid, I kid. But I thought this was always going to be the last season. Was there any doubt?

I’m still working through season two at this point.

I’m definitely going to make it through season four (Jane Espenson!), but where to stop before the pain begins?

Well, I think the show just really took a nosedive in the middle of season six and just kept going. I think you’d be safe if you made it through five, and you should make the sixth an option.

— Alan

Thank God! My wife loves this show, and I can’t stand to be in the room when it’s on. Their inane supposedly ‘witty’ chatter, full of sound and fury but signifying nothing, reminds me of my ex.
What a relief that I will not be subjugated to it after this season.

I’m sure there is plenty of content on Lifetime, Oxygen and the WE network for all of you displaced Gilmore Girls fans.

I’ve always held that the show was effectively over when Rory went away to school.

Not that I ever watched it or anything.

-“It’s repetitive.”
-“And redundant.”
-“It’s repetitive.”
-“And redundant.”


I liked the show around about the 2nd-4th seasons. It’s pretty much the last show I watched religiously for a while (excepting the Simpsons, but only in reruns). I lost interest in the last season or two (or three). Eventually the romantic-chairs got too complicated for me to keep up with, and I couldn’t stand Rory’s rich-snot college boyfriend. Sorry triggercut, but Jess was still the best.

Good show though, if a bit too self-consciously quirky. (Northern Exposure had somewhat of the same problem but was still a good show in its way.) Lauren Graham created, in Lorelei, one of the really delightful and life-affirming characters I have seen in TV in a long time. She was the heart and soul of the show. The two parents (Edward Herrmann and I forget the actress’s name) were also extremely strong performances.

Good. They can finally STFU!

Holy fuck, I agree with Midnight Son. Now the world really is ending.


You get it? See, Gilmore Girls is a show where the two lead characters are girls! Therefore, girls like it. Them or guys who should be girls and probably want to wear frilly things! HAHAHAHA!

That Coca Cola Zero. He’s just up on things!

The things I would do to Lauren Graham… anyway, it was time. Nowhere to go with the characters, it was getting soap opera-ey.

Hopefully this means good things for Veronica Mars: FBI.

Good riddance, this season has been mediocre. I hope Lauren Graham gets another show quickly.

I remember reading in an interview a while back that Palladino had a final scene for the show in mind since the very beginning. I wonder if we’ll ever find out what it was.

You, sir, are obviously a man of fine tastes.

Wow. I am so glad I’m not going to have to read otherwise manly Qt3 posters respond with “reminds me of that episode of Gilmore Girls…” anymore.


I’m also fond of Jane Austen. To compensate, should I go pick up a hunting rifle and shoot a lumberjack, or something?