Giveaway thread!


Alas, not even free games can entice me to install Uplay.


Eh, nothing wrong with uPlay or Origin or any of those. They aren’t any worse or better than Steam in my experience, I just have way more games on Steam than any of the other ones.


Ha ha ha! That one always cracks me up.


Uplay is fine and quite unobtrusive. Way more so than most if it’s counterparts. Black flag is very much worth any kind of hassle, it easily being the piraty game in recent time, and the best AC game ever.


They would have to pay be to take it. I don’t want to play it, but having it in my account somewhere would tempt me to waste the time!


This thread is a laugh riot! “No please don’t give me free stuff, I can’t be entrusted with such responsibility!”


I have a GOG activation code for Hard West. I don’t know if its transferable, but if anyone who is an active member™ wants to try it then send a PM.

Edit: gone


I replay GF every year or so.
Some of the puzzles are annoying so just use a walkthrough. The characters, story, art and music are more than worth it.


I have GOG activation code for:

  • MDK

post reply here if you want it.


Compnay of Heroes 2 is FREE for 48 hours on the Humble Store.

Since I already own the game, here is a key for anyone who doesn’t have a Humble account ('cause if you do, just go claim one for yourself!):

4JVD7-3HLQK-M$$R4 - Replace the $ symbols with the second character in QT3.


4JVD7-3HLQK-MMCMASTERMCMASTERR4 isn’t working for me.


Lol, well played sir.


If you picked up the free intro section to Hitman a while ago (maybe it’s still free now, I’m not sure), they’re making Paris plus a bunch of escalation contracts free for a couple weeks starting tomorrow - if you claim and download them before January 5, you can keep them forever.

“You’ll find the Hitman Holiday Pack either through the new in-game store or by searching on Xbox Live, PSN or Steam for “Hitman Holiday Pack”, starting on December 15th.”


Yeah, basically you get everything associated with the Paris level.

First the intro missions, then this. At this rate, you’ll have the entire game for free in five years!


Thanks, since, of course, the free stuff wasn’t free here in North Eastern Korea Japan.


Another copy of COH2 from humble.


Replace the $ symbols with the number in QT3.


Layers of Fear - FREE @ Humble Store


Helllll no. They can pay me AAA prices to play a scary jump game. And then I’d just run away with their money.


Backlog it for free and then never play it. Like I did with Amnesia: The Dark Descent .


Hell yes. When someone asks if you want a free game, you say yes Ray!