Glass - M. Night Shyamalan and the best superhero universe


Willis, McAvoy, Jackson.


What did Unbreakable do to deserve Split being tied into it? Despite the interesting premise it was such a stupid film.


And Anna Taylor-Joy how dare you.

Also, in for this.


Totally in for this. Loved Unbreakable.


Shyamalan should have stopped at Unbreakable. And followed up with this. Assuming this turns out well. I’m hoping.

Here’s to hoping for no twists.


If you liked Unbreakable you are a bad person and you should feel bad.


Your mother.


He is probably the most overrated director in Hollywood, and Signs isn’t even a good movie.


I had no idea this was a thing. I guess I have to go watch Split now.

Unbreakable was a great movie, and comments to the contrary are off-topic in any serious discussion about the (now) franchise. Can we get a mod to split off and move all the naysayer posts to a new thread called “Dumb comments by people who find satisfaction in being wrong about everything (that is interesting)”?


Wife liked Signs.

I liked 6th sense and for some reason Devil.

Other than those, meh


I may be a bad person, but apparently I feel good being bad!




No, I meant a real mod.


Didn’t care much for Unbreakable or Split. The Visit, however, that was a really nice surprise.


Unbreakable is a paragon of the “boring characters doing nothing genre,” true enough.


It is only possible to like Signs as a comedy. Like as a movie about the dumbest possible aliens who bumble their way onto an interstellar ship and end up on a planet made mostly of a substance that is deathly toxic to them.

Like if the Three Stooges went to Venus. Without space suits.

I did not like Unbreakable when I first saw it, because I wasn’t expecting a superhero origin movie. In that light it’s much better.

Split was fine. McAvoy did a very good job manifesting all the different personalities.




Seriously, if someone has nothing to contribute to a thread, why do they post in it? But hey, readers are supposed to exhibit more self control in what they read as they scan down the page than bullshit trolls who have nothing better to do with their time than be dicks.


My contribution is that it is shitty to tie an awful movie to an okay one. But then shitty is M Night Shamalamadingdong’s stock in trade.

(Also Split wasn’t that good either. But at least it was watchable.)


How the hell could you think that his only good movie is awful?