Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


Preordered the Gloomhaven expansion based on the idea that someday I might play Gloomhaven. I’m certain I don’t have a problem…


I’ve owned it for many months but just today got around to playing the second scenario (played the first shortly after it arrived). I really enjoyed it, and today’s play made me resolved to keep at it rather than let it gather dust…


We’re playing it regularly, and really like it, but I can’t imagine ordering the expansion. There’s just so much of this game. I don’t see how we ever finish the main campaign.


Yeah, mostly it was 30 bucks (instead of $40 full price) and I was feeling kinda sick this weekend. I am prone to silly decisions while sick. I had flu during a big Sentai Filmworks sale…I don’t want to talk about it.

Still, It does look cool, and I like the idea that I am going to play Gloomhaven someday even if all I’m really going to do is try to figure out what hands look like.


We’ve finally gotten Gloomhaven back going after a long hiatus involving various people moving and shifting work hours, etc. This has included three of four party members retiring characters over the last two sessions, so we now have (Paw? Beast Tyrant), Mask ( Doomstalker) and as of tonight’s victory, me playing Lightning Bolt (Berserker). Mask has already proven utterly ridiculous and murdery.

Lightning Bolt will be a huge adjustment for me from Music Note but looks awesome.
From back to back fast squishies (Mindthief and Soothsinger) with support/buffing/debuffing roles, to a high HP melee fighter with constant bonuses for taking damage, boosting retaliate, and tanking? Hell, I didn’t take damage at all in the mission last week, and maybe 4 HP total - immediately healed - this week. So yeah. Bit of an adjustment.


We’ve had a really successful every-week-and-sometimes-less standing Gloomhaven night since… February, I think? We only do one scenario at a time, but the consistency has been amazing.

We just had our second retirement ever. After 23 scenarios, my Tinkerer finally completed his personal quest. I liked him just fine by the end, but 23 scenarios is a long time to play one character (not that it has bothered our Scoundrel, who is actively avoiding retirement for as long as possible). Unlocked Triforce, which looks like so much fun. I’m really looking forward to it.


Whoa. Two retirements in 23 scenarios!? That must be some sort of record!


It’s been crazy. Our first four life goals were:

  • Cragheart - Complete the Seeker of Xorn questline
  • Brute (joined late) - Kill 16 Vermlings
  • Scoundrel (avoiding retirement) - Kill one of each demon
  • Tinkerer - Complete a scenario in six different regions

It took a long time to do enough crypts for the Seeker. We’ve only seen two scenarios with Vermlings, and the Brute is still 3 short. The Scoundrel is one demon away from retiring, and he’s doing whatever he can to avoid it because he loves his character. And the Tinkerer’s quest was hung up forEVER because of how long it takes to get access to a scenario in the Misty Sea if you don’t have good luck with the random side scenarios.


Yeah, some of the quests can really stretch out if you’re unlucky with unlocks and such.

Anyone else pre-ordered Forgotten Circles? We still have many of the side scenarios to play when I am back home next year, but looking forward to another campaign.


I am very jealous of (and happy for) you.

I have gloomhaven all boxed up.

Along with various others.

My new flatmate likes boardgames though so we’ll try and organise a regards games night.


So if I’m gonna play GH solo should I start with two or three characters? Three seems a bit burdensome but does add variety to the party. Keep in mind I’ve only really glanced over the rulebook and have no real idea how fiddley running multiple characters is.

Any basic suggestions other than getting the various apps that help with admining the game?


Keep in mind that you’ll generally also end up with more monsters with three characters.

That being said, I feel like less than three characters makes some of the support characters not particularly useful. If using them seems interesting, you might want to go with three.

Because of the way Gloomhaven works, you’re not locking yourself in to a player count at the beginning. If you try three and don’t like it, you can drop to two, and vice-versa.


I soloed with 2 characters to keep the sessions a bit shorter, but you can end up with some bad combinations for sure.


I started with 2 characters to get the hang of the game, then added a third because I was worried I wasn’t going to see more than half the available characters. It can be a lot to track for one person, but it really opens up the support guys. And if the creatures seem overwhelming, I will pull a few from the dungeon, or lower the difficulty level of some. Not being a seasoned board gamer, I found Gloomhaven to be somewhat on the hard side.


Great, thanks for the quick replies. I’ll prob start two and pull in a third when I feel like I need it or just want a change.

Which apps would ya’ll suggest? They seem to overlap in utility and all have high review scores. I use IOS, btw.


Many people seem to think 3 characters is the sweet spot in general. Personally I have been enjoying four best, but that is a bit crazy to take on solo. We actually have four people.


Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker seems good, but I’ve ended up not using an app.


Played this all day yesterday with a friend who was visiting from out of town. He liked it so much that he asked me twice to send him the URL for the Broken Token organizer. We got through I think four scenarios with a coupla wipes.


I picked up Gloomhaven a couple of weeks ago and am having a great time with it so far. A friend and I have gotten together three times, and we’re really enjoying our fledging campaign.

We wiped the first time, largely due to our newbness, but also due so some rough enemy action cards. The last two times have gone better. He’s playing a tinkerer, and I’ve gone with a cragheart.

We’re hoping to be able to play 2-3 times month (work and family make it hard to do more).

I just ordered Gloomhaven Town to help organize things.


I finally got this, along with the organizer and stickers. I guess I’ll start with building the organizer. Any other tips? Is it worth trying solo, or should I try to find/buy a friend to join?