God of War (PS4)

Sony announced a new God of War for the PS4 yesterday.



[li]Norse setting.[/li][li]Continues the story where God of War 3 stopped.[/li][li]Kratos has calmed the fuck down and is now a hunter/gatherer [SUB]of souls.[/SUB][/li][/ul]
No release date yet.

He has a beard of woe. No good can come of this.

Man this almost makes me wish I had a PS4. I’ve never played a GoW game, but the setting with the father-son dynamic really calls to me. I’ll likely end up watching someones lets play on YouTube as I did with the Last of Us, but it looks just so damn good.

Theory: The father is not Kratos, the kid is. This is a prequel.

Seems unlikely. Here’s a writeup.

Man, that sounds fantastic.

Oh my word that was some terrible writing. Are the God of War games usually that bad? It’s like the writers have never been hunting, what with all the whooping and hollering as they trundle through the forest on a Sunday stroll. I’d also question whether they had children, what with their characterisation so carelessly putting the son in danger the whole time. Ambushed by monsters? No you can’t have your bow! Take down a troll? Just hold it in a headlock for a bit and let the kid in diapers point the bow right at you, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing weird going on in the forest today, let’s just carry on with our hunt like nothing happened! Obviously nothing did happen, since the buck only ran 100 yards away. Yikes that was bad.

I wonder if Sony will release a special edition God of War controller for the PS4 like the one for PS3:


I thought I read somewhere it might have Dark Souls style controls now.

Yes, it does. Attacks are on shoulder buttons now.

I am looking forward to this. The game, visually, is stunning. Also interesting we have a character with some pathos now - he was wholly unsympathetic in the previous games.

But, he died in GoW3. Or at least it ended with him having a huge hole in his chest. Maybe god-powers activated and saved him?

Or maybe he ended up in Hell and climbed back out again. That’s a handy way to immortality he’s found.

Indeed! There hasn’t been a trailer released yet has there? Just the gameplay one at e3 which is great but I figured an actual trailer may explain it.

God of War 3 Remastered for PS4 is selling for $9 used at Redbox this week, I’m kind of tempted just so that I’m caught up for God of War 4. I do already own part 3, but it’s for the PS3, and I don’t have a working PS3.

Maybe this is a reboot?

It’s a direct sequel.

Dev clearly says it’s not a reboot. Kid is not Kratos.

We have a release date, April 20, and a new trailer. The writers worked on both Anachronox and Lost Planet 3, which I feel featured excellent character development, so even though I’m not a fan of the series, I definitely going to give this one a shot. Changing mythologies was definitely the right move.

Looking good. After the E3 trailer which showed the same old God of War gameplay as previous titles, my enthusiasm had waned.

Lots of previews suddenly showing up, so this must be close to release.

I don’t know where I read it first, but once I read Dad of War, I can’t think of this game any other way.

Promise to self: Since you’ve only played 1 & 2, and own God of War 3 Remastered on PS4, don’t buy Dad of War unless you can actually force yourself to make some progress in GoW3.