God of War (PS4)

Yep, the beginning is the hardest part of the entire game. If you make it through that you should be good to go. If not, Boy is overpowered so just put more points into his skill tree and hammer that square button.

And yes, I definitely swapped that dodge button. X to dodge is ridiculous.

I just had my first battle with a hard colored enemy and I have to say God of War is a stickler for making the player complete a long combat without mid combat check points! It can be pretty costly failing late in the combat.

I can see why Kronos is grumpy with his kid - his kid gets him in danger with his carelessness!

Also, the fight with the Connor McGregor boss dude a bit earlier was some crazy battle.

Cool game!

Edit: I may need to drop down to normal difficulty. Once there are teleporting dudes, fire throwing dudes, and a bunch of melee enemies it gets tough to manage them all!

Turned it down to normal and it may be a little too easy, but I’m going to leave it here for now. Enemies were a bit too hardy on the difficulty above.

You might want to bump it back up once you get a decent amount of abilities. The difficulty became much more satisfying when I got more options in combat.

I will definitely keep that in mind.

Urgg. I’ve been away from the game for 2 months and am so lost. I don’t recall the controls or what the heck I’m doing. I was exploring the many island area, but just decided to head up the mountain with the light and hope things start making sense.

I’ve made some good progress over the last couple of days. Looking at a walkthrough quest list I’m around 2/3rds of the way done. My takeaways so far.

  1. For me, the story and relationship between Dad and Boy is the part that keeps me most interested. I wish I could pull of grumbles as well as Dad.

  2. I like the basic strike, block, dodge of combat - mixing in some ranged strikes. But, the enemy variety is lacking and I can play most fights in a similar way. I still have the difficulty on ‘normal’ after playing on hard for a while because I didn’t like how long combat took.

  3. I love the outdoor environments, but some indoor ones and places like Helheim are rather dull.

  4. I enjoy those rune puzzles that make me pay attention to the environments.

Done (with the main story at least)!

By the end of the game it was the characters and story that kept me in it. I grew tired of the combat. Luckily on normal difficulty it generally wasn’t difficult. There were a couple battles where I died. It looks like a couple more worlds unlock at the end. If I’m tired of the combat, is there much reason to continue?

Glad I played it. It didn’t suck me in as much as something like The Last of Us or The Walking Dead Telltale games, but it was still worth playing.

I didn’t play any of the post-game content, and that was largely because my internet research led me to believe there wasn’t anything worthwhile. Basically sounded like it turned into a loot chase.

Late to the party as I started playing this the other day via PSNow. I dabbled a bit with GoW3 but this one sure ups the ante. I love the relationship stuff and it’s been keeping me invested for sure. Not sure how far into it I am but I explored a giant lake and all its various side quests before moving on.

Too early to start a thread for the sequel, but it’s been pushed back to 2022. And is apparently also coming to PS4.

That’s perfectly fine. Maybe I’ll be able to snag a PS5 by then.

I knew a 2021 release would never happen.

Coming to PC next year

Now you can edit the title and add (PC) , I guess.

@Cobra is the OP, he or one of the mods would have to do it, and they’ve been absent a while it seems.

What a stupid idea it was for me to finish God of War 3 Remastered first. That game is so bad it killed my interest in playing God of War 2018 for a good long while.

I actually considered buying a PS4 mainly for this, and now I won’t have to.

Time to buy it for a third time like I did with HZD.

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