Godzilla Minus One

Listen, I didn’t name it ok.


It’s just a 30 second teaser. The film apparently shares continuity with Shin Godzilla, although the brief glimpse of this Godzilla shows off a much better looking one IMO.

That looks pretty badass.

Oh, I thought this was going to be something like Garfield Minus Garfield.

Really hard to draw any conclusions from 30 seconds but. . . yes. Godzilla looks great (and I don’t just mean the design; who knows how the final product will look but the teaser looks like it has good quality to me). The destruction looks immense. And no King fucking Kong. Bring it on.

Minus one? Minus one what?

Also, the VFX is being done by the same person directing and writing? That can’t be right, can it?

I’m just happy they didn’t name it Godzilla Plus Seventy Three. The Minus One movies are always better than those.

Minus one King Goddamn Kong, that’s what!

He apparently got his start in the industry as a VFX artist and has also been credited as a VFX supervisor across a bunch of other movies. I think it’s similar to how the John Wick movies were directed by stuntmen.

I figured something like that, but he’s not the sole person doing VFX is he? Because that’s a weird way to not credit the VFX team.

Could just be a translation thing or just a Japanese way of saying he’s overseeing all this stuff for a trailer. Or maybe he’s a mega-auteur!

I think the trailer text explains it. Japan lost everything in the war (down to zero), then Godzilla shows up to stomp around in the ashes (worse than zero).

Minus one is pretty specific. Does Godzilla just stomp down ONE building? Kill only ONE person? Blast only ONE tank?

?? I do not understand your confusion.

I’m in the “that’s a really weird title” camp, even with the trailer text. Is it a literal translation?

The trailer literally contains the words, “From zero to minus,” while showing Godzilla stomping around the post-war wreckage. The entire trailer is also in Japanese, so, yeah, it’s likely the title is a translation from that language.

Based on the kanji it’s Zero/mu (nothingness) to Minus/fu (defeat/despair) - so I guess the theme is going to be about what happens when horrible things to people who have nothing.

Why not Godzilla plus one? I’d love to see who he brings as a date.

I’m just surprised that they didn’t go with a turn of phrase that scans more naturally in English. “Minus One” sounds like a slight inconvenience, like a load of laundry coming out still slightly damp.

It’s hard to tell, but I really liked the weight that you could feel from Godzilla strolling through Tokyo. Who knows what kind of story it will be but the battles are probably going to look amazing. Does this only release in Tokyo?

Early November in Japan, December 1st in the US.