GOG 2019: Good Games Old and New

AntediluvianArk pointed out that we were still using the 2018 thread, so here is a shiny new one.

The midweek sale has lots of strategy and city-builder games:

The weekly sale is more multigenre:

And Imperator: Rome is up for pre-order.

Here’s to hoping 2019 brings more actual good, old games to GOG.

Except for Warlords III: Darklords Rising, I can’t think of any older games I want to see added that they don’t already have. I do wonder what other games people have been pining for.

For me, I think it’s now mostly games that are currently (still) not DRM-free, like Settlers 7. I’d love to have that on GOG at some point. It’s a great game.

Oh I dunno:

  • Star Trek: Klingon Academy
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Commands 2 and 3
  • Rules of Engagement 1 and 2
  • Freelancer

To name a few. Sir.

Oh, good one. Yeah, I have Klingon Academy and SF2 and SF3 still, but solid GOG versions of those would be most welcome. Bridge Commander would also be good, and a GOG release of the much-maligned Star Trek: Legacy would not go unloved here, either.

Freelancer I don’t care about. :-P


Oh this reminds me of one of the best shooters I played way back when (2003), Star Trek: Elite Force II. A surprisingly great game based on the Star Trek IP. I say ‘surprisingly’ because I would never have expected a shooter based in the Star Trek universe to be any good whatsoever, but this was no mere cash-in. This game was the real deal (and designed in a modified version of the Quake III engine). Too bad I lost the disc while moving one year.

I probably wouldn’t buy and play the game now days, because I’m a stickler for modern UI and controls in shooters, but I would certainly play a part 3.

They did a better job on the game that they did on the movies in this era.


A couple missing, 90s sims come to mind. Both need to be fixed for modern Windows:

  • European Air War
  • M1 Tank Platoon 2

All Jane’s combat sims (also need to be fixed for modern Windows)

All DiD sims

All Rowan sims

As mentioned above W3:DLR

Terminus (Vicarious Vision’s first game, before they turned into an Activision support studio)

Excellent choice.

Also @scharmers’ entire post.

I was really surprised by the Elite force 2 demo as well. But when I got the full game, it starts off slower than the demo, and I lost interest after a bit.

But yeah, I remember being really enamored with that demo. They had this really satisfying shotgun in the demo, and I never thought I’d ever use a shotgun in the Star Trek universe, but it was so satisfying. (I played all he way through the first Elite Force, but there was no shotgun in that one, and all the weapons were vaguely unsatisfying).

Looks like they’re also missing the great games by Zipper Interactive:

  • Mechwarrior 3
  • Crimson Skies

Both were excellent.

Fuck yeah.

What’s this one?

Wow, I spent a lot of time in arcades as a kid, and even owned a ColecoVision, and yet I don’t recall this game at all.

Every time the Krynn Series games or the Forgotten Realms Archives go on sale I always think I should pick them up for nostalgia’s sake. I own all of them in their original gold/silver/black boxes or as part of the original Forgotten Realms Archive big box…but those are a pain to deal with.

Does anyone own these from GOG? Are they actually playable or is it just like a DOSBox wrapper complete with all the bugs and issues on modern systems?

I just wish GOG would somehow get Blade Runner there one day.

ScummVM has a WIP engine that hopefully will be released by the end of 2019. This would be the best way to play.

Easy: Spellcross.

Not holding my breath, though…

Ohhhh, that looks great! Never played it, but now I wanna track down a copy.

Aw man, I read that as Starcross. Is there any place to get one’s hands on the old Infocom classics? Legally, I mean?

By the way yes, I know that Planetfall and the Zorks are already on GOG, I’ve got them. I mean anything beyond those.