GOG 2019: Good Games Old and New

Yes that GOG commercial of an article doesn’t tell much besides “wow, it’s so innovative, so ahead of its time, trust us, buy it”. Hmm, my bullshit-o-meter is spinning madly.

Edit: well that post helped.

Instabought without a second thought even though I already have two copies of the game!
I’m definitely one of the fanboys but a game ahead of its time?! Please, are we talking about the same Clash? :D
Seriously, as much as I love the game (spent hundreds of hours on it back in late 90s) it is more like “so bad it’s actually good” type of material. Even in 90s I thought it’s HoMM2 ripoff with many weird and half baked ideas.

The rest of the post gives quite a good idea of what to expect. Worth checking out, for sure.

Tonight GOG’s closing up the world
N’sweeping smoke from cigarettes
And what is that
Funky multi-national games rocking from a thousand
Eastern European disk drives


I was going through my game’s library, and amongst the dozen of meaningless cloud save updates, one caught my eye, concerning Gorky 17/Odium:


I just installed it and fired it up, and for the first time, I’m experiencing Gorky with hardware acceleration (yay!), no screen flickering (oh yeah!), and non skipping sounds (woooooh!).
I seem to remember this is one of @Brooski’s favourites.

Holy shit that’s great!

I hope the game holds up better than HTML from 2000.


Thank for the tip!

OMG, that’s an SHTML file!

Also, I’m glad they managed to fix the compatibility issues. Wishlisted!

Now they need to make Shadow Watch (the actually superior game) work better with new versions of Windows!


Edit: Posted same time as Rhamorim, haha. In other words, yay for more classic strategy releases!

While I did play games in the Warlords Battlecry series, I never played any of the original turn-based Warlords games. Are they as good as I’ve heard? Have they aged well, I wonder?

Holy shitsnacks Darklords Rising.

Warlords 2 was fine when I played it on the Mac, but I don’t see me getting back to its dated interface. Darklords Rising is supposed to be amazing but had annoying issues getting it to run on modern OS, so if it’s a proper effort, I’m looking forward to trying it!

Funny they are published by Slitherine.

Darklords Rising is the best in the series, hands down.

I know @KristiGaines is a big Warlords 2 fan, this may or may not interest her.

As for me, “Oh” simply does not cut it.

I’ve been wanting this game on GOG for years. Here are just a couple places I’ve mentioned it over the last decade on Qt3.

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Darklords Rising runs GREAT. I am SHOCKED at this, because last time I tried to get my CD copy to run it was a pain in the butt. Now I have to read the manual to remember how to play it. Odd that GOG doesn’t include a copy of it in PDF form. Or anything else, really.

🙈🙊🙉 too much work today why did I look at this?!

Warlords I is the best. Fight Club!

re: Warlords 3: DLR Manual
They haven’t added a link to it on the store page yet, but you get a PDF copy of the original print manual after you install the game. It’s in the Warlords 3 directory by default.

I don’t think this part is still valid though.

Red Orb Zone Red Orb Zone from Red Orb Entertainment™ can be installed on your drive to help you easily meet other Darklords Rising players for combat. A maximum of four players can play from Red Orb Zone. If you have problems running Red Orb Zone, see pages 74-75

I wish, with all the remakes happening, we could get one of the Warlords Battlecry games. It was a fun RTS, especially with how resources worked (except the elves).

Holy shit W3 DLR.

I’m trying to remember if Warlords 3 had a true turn based mode. It’s been a long time but my memory is that although I loved Warlords 1 and 2, I hated the bastardized “simultaneous turns” / Real-Time system in Warlords 3. Was that optional?