GOG 2024

The Sinking City Deluxe Edition is now available at GOG for a sale price of $18.46. Regular Edition $11.99.

Regarding The Sinking City:
In the off-chance that anyone here would happen to be affected, I’ll add that anyone who had previously owned the DRM-free Gamesplanet version (which will no longer be offered for sale there) will receive their choice of a GOG or Steam key. Details haven’t been finalized, but they are reportedly working on it.

I bought the Deluxe Edition, so thanks for mentioning it. Didn’t even have it on my radar but hadn’t bought something from GOG in such a long time and this appears to be something I can sink my teeth into one day.

Used the newsletter code I got today to bring the price of the edition down another 5% below what is offered, so that’s a bonus.

What. I’ve never gotten one of those. I just checked, and I’m signed up for all of their notifications. This must be a new thing…?

No, not new. It’s their emails with the ‘lowest price ever on a game’ discount when you redeem the code in the email. They are rarely of any use for me, but this one just happened to match.

Ah, I see. I get those too, but they are always of a genre I have no interest in. And I didn’t get that one. Thanks!

GOG’s New Year Sale 2024 has begun and runs until Feb. 6, 2024.
Current giveaway is Mordheim: City Of The Damned.

The sale lasts until February 6th, 8 AM UTC.

Also, in case anyone besides myself was waiting for Nightdive’s recent release of Turok 3: Shadow Of Oblivion to drop a bit in price before grabbing it, it’s currently on sale for 20% off (or $23.99). Not sure if I’ll buy it yet or wait for another drop in price, but if I feel the urge to play it this weekend, I may bite.

Endless Sky (2015) just popped up on GOG for free, including a High Resolution version as (equally free) DLC:

Thanks! Can I get a @BrianRubin opinion on this one?

Its a terrific Escape Velocity clone that everyone should own.

Thanks! Current price puts it easily into BIYF territory. (What’s on the other side of BIYF territory?)

Stay Away You Fucks?

Backlog It You Fucks? It’s BIYF all the way down…

Gifted is still too expensive. (…GISTE?)

I reserve that classification for “free” games that require their own crappy launcher or come bundled with intrusive DRM or employ aggressive monetization. You know…TANSTAAFL. ;)

Spec Ops: The Line has been removed from purchase at Steam.

Speculation is that it could be also de-listed at GOG as well. As far as I know, nothing official has been stated about it, so just a heads up.
It’s currently on sale at GOG for $5.99 (80% off). I’m guessing it’s part of the New Year Sale that goes until Feb. 6.


Current giveaway: The Beast Inside.

The giveaway ends on February 3rd, 3 PM UTC.

No reason given for the de-listing.

It’s an early access fighting game, and it will remain up at Steam and other storefronts.

Weird. And bad for me, since I bought that game on GOG… :(

The decision to delist the game, but keep it updated is…interesting, to say the least.
No mention of an intention to re-list when it’s completed, either.

The mind boggles.