Golden State vs. Toronto (2019 NBA Finals)

If you all have declined to watch the NBA through the years I suggest now is the time to watch. These two teams are in the finals and it is War.

Dan? You are a sports guy (albeit Cleveland which still counts): Say something!

Canada may have won the perfect game in Game 1 of the Finals! (Toronto Raptors).

Game 2 is Sunday night, commentary is a appreciated. But either way it won’t stop me from being excited about David vs Goliath in what may turn out to be the most exciting NBA finals in history!

Siakam was amazing. Single handedly kept the warriors at bay in the third.

Holy crap. That was pretty exciting to watch.

Marq that was one of the best games in the history of the NBA! Holy Crap! The energy --everyone was trying hard… I am so glad your Raptors did well!~

Man --Cameroon forever!

Probably best to direct your basketball effort into the NBA thread. That’s where most people will be looking for discussion of the series…

Yeah. We didn’t need a new thread.

Well I guess I don’t think you are right now that I looked for the NBA thread. So I will continue with my commentary on the 2019 Finals.

What a great game. GS game back and – I am sry Marq – but outplayed Toronto in the 3rd quarter.

Darn that Boogie Cousins!

I really want Toronto to prove that heart can beat a super-team. We shall see.

Though it may be a lonely week lol…

Wow what a series. I actually thought Toronto had that at the very end. You know after 3 years of cav vs warriors series I think this one is the best I have seen in a decade.

Nurse has Kawai ready like a loaded gun … it is very fun to watch. Game 6 then! Fine the NBA likes that. Though I thought Toronto had it …

Sigh I thought I had one person in my thread… It isn’t easy being annoying…

It was heartbreaking to see them lose that game.

I think it shows how important Durant was to the game. His 11 points loom pretty large.

Hopefully Toronto can seal the deal on Thursday.

An Unbelievable win! Just made me cry in the end… such a good finals… GS never gave up and I hated the injuries, but Lowery and … well … it was just great.

I will say as a long time cavs fan (we just recruited a great woman 's coach form cal) That this was one of the best finals I have ever seen… every player (both sides) played so extraordinarily well…Klay is a phenomena and Draymond is such a fighter… GS is a long legacy of excellence but Toronto had Kawai …. and he did make the difference. But god the rest of the raptors were amazing as well!

This has been pretty huge in Canada. I think that this is going to be great for basketball in Canada and we should start seeing the fruits of this championship in about a decade’s time. Canada is already starting to produce some good players, but I suspect that this will kick things up a notch and I would say that this sort of thing will push basketball into the #2 sport in Canada behind hockey.

This sort of vibe did remind of the early 90’s when the Blue Jays won their back to back titles and brought the World Series to Canada for the first time.

Worth leaving here to

Adrian Wojnarowski


Golden State’s Klay Thompson has suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, his agent Greg Lawrence tells ESPN.

5:31pm · 14 Jun 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

Wow two ACL’s in two games. Bad luck came like a sledgehammer to GS.

Three titles in the last few years is a damn good run though.

Amazing stuff KG. I’m so happy for the raptors, they were the first North American sport I watched live when I lived in Toronto. Been following them ever since.

Lowry came out fighting, he really wanted it.

Lowrey was very good wasn’t he?

Sounds like the sports personalities are all claiming it was because of GS injuries and Toronto just took advantage.

Let me say this about this: Golden State goes 73 wins with their big three… then grabs Kevin Durant the next year … THEN grabs boogie cousins. They create a super SUPER team (5 all stars?). THE dominant team in the NBA (though this year their win loss record was weak).

I really hate that KD got hurt when he was trying, and that Klay got hurt when HE was trying, but comon’ : Toronto looked amazing and they beat that super team. If you stack your deck, and make your bet, don’t cry if the cards don’t fall right.

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