Good offline Android Games?

Yay thank you :) I enjoy spending time here!

Getting Over It
Seven Scrolls

I am addicted to this old school rpg.

Paid version is 5

Finally my traveling has ended and I’ve set up home internet (the traveling was mostly the move back to the states) so I’m back to the forum.

I seem to have downloaded Exiled Kingdoms at some point in the past but never played for long. I generally don’t like games that use an on screen joystick like system but I’ll give it a go.

So I tried out the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game on Android, thanks to Tom’s glowing review about version 2 (I think it was) in the other thread. I found that I really like the game, but the microtransaction-y nature of the monetization really turns me off. Ugh.

Breach Wanderers is a cool Spirelike and free (I paid $3 to remove ads).

Is the monetisation different than on iPad? Because on iPad while there are optional things you can buy, the game isn’t balanced around them and you can get an entire adventure path for considerably less than the price of the physical core set. I thought the monetisation was fantastic.

There are two parts to it:

  1. the gross part where you can buy gold to get better cards, etc. I agree the game is not balanced around it and it can be ignored, but it’s still gross.
    1b) the fact that the characters (who are necessary) are offered one at a time is mildly gross, but they come in bundles with the adventures, so it’s not actually bad.

  2. the adventures themselves seemed overpriced to me. Maybe because I was expecting I should pay $10 for the whole thing, which is what I consider a “AAA mobile game” should cost. So that could very well be on me.

Now, the Android, iOS (presumably including iPad) and steam versions are linked. So I bought the steam version for $3 (on sale) which includes the main adventure bundle and linked them. Problem solved!

I’m coming from the physical edition where the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, which was something like £15 in the digital game, would cost you £15-£20 for each scenario on top of the core set. So the whole thing comes out to more than 10 times as expensive as the digital game. So it feels like a bargain to me, especially since the game is doing character and rules tracking “for free”.

Ha, fair point! I keep thinking that it would be fun to try it in physical form, and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the rules and whatnot (even to the point of finding a couple bugs, one in my favor and one not), but then I think about what a huge amount of tracking there is going on… not to mention having to remember all the little rules for “every time X happens, do Y”.

(I got a pretty nasty chain of them once, when I was re-playing a scenario on hard difficulty, the special rule was to add a monster bane to the top of a random location whenever something happened (either drawing or defeating a particular thing, something like that), and then the special rule for one of the locations was that every time you encountered a monster it would put another monster on top of a different location, and it seemed like every third turn I took involved adding two monsters on to different decks and I kept making negative progress…)

Another recommendation:

The Sequence is a really slick programming game with puzzles that make you feel pretty smart. It has a great sequel too. I’ve been playing it in the mornings on my week-long camping trip when I’m up hours before everyone else.