Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


Great episode this week, the Gallivan arc is coming to a head.

This episode also showed an embryonic Batman I think properly for the first time - the thing he does is quite deviously dark and Batmannish. His relationship with Selena also deepened in a charming way. Gordon is being pushed to the limit. More badass Alfred. Nice cliffhanger. Good stuff.


I can’t believe this show is this good. I actually find myself looking forward to the next episode after I’ve watched the current one. Penguin calling Riddler to check on whether or not they have spicy brown mustard made me chuckle. And Li’l Batman knocked it out of the park…again. I love that kid’s performance on this show.

But, it looks like no more Gomez. :(


The Bruce-Selina vs Silver thing was great, as was Alfred vs crazy whip lady. I’m still not feeling Riddler-Penguin, but it does look like Gordon-Penguin going after Galavan is coming up and that looks like fun. Bad-ass villain Theo is a lot more interesting than smarmy manipulator Theo.


That was a great episode. They said when the show started that it wasnt going to have much of Bruce Wayne in it and that the focus would be on Gordon and the GCPD but after the kids performance in the pilot, they knew they had something good going so they decided to beef up his role substantially. That was a good move on their part, he is really nailing the role.


Great mid season wrap up. FREEZE is coming. :D

Its been pretty amazing to see how great season 2 is.


I had a perfectly feasible escape plan

That was great.


I do like Alfred as a badass.


Just watched the first post-hiatus episode about Mr. Freeze. I wish they’d pronounce the last name Fries right, like Gordon first pronounced it (and BTW the way Batman pronounced it in one of the Arkham games), which is the whole cleverness of the pun.


I always thought that was pretty corny in the comics, having the ice-villain actually named Freeze. So I can see why they wanted to change it. And I did think the Bullock I-was-right-but-I’m-not-saying-it look was pretty funny when Nora confirmed his pronunciation.

The best part of the 2 episodes wasn’t Freeze, anyway, IMHO. My favorite bit was how Strange is being set up as the next big villain mastermind. All those tank-grown dudes, along with the various strange inmates he’s got - has potential.

I’m less enthusiastic about the Bruce stuff. Probably going to end up with “Matches” being another dead end, or at least just the trigger-man for Wayne Enterprises execs. I understand what they’re doing with Bruce’s “kill him or not” angst, but it doesn’t feel right. Probably all my “Batman never kills anyone” ingrained instincts showing.


It may well be corny, but that’s close to the way the German name would be pronounced. I noticed that Gordon made the closing “s” voiceless, as it would be in German, but an English speaker who heard it would likely make it voiced (as is the natural tendency in English in that position after a vowel) and thus pronounce it “freeze,” which was no doubt the writer’s intent.

Anyway, B.D. Wong kills it as usual in the role of Dr. Strange, agreed.


He really is eating that role up, isn’t he!


I just finished watching last night’s episode (3/15). Hot damn. That was probably the best episode of the series. The confrontation with Matches was unexpected and amazing, as was the end situation. Seriously intrigued where they go from here.


Gotham was great tonight. The kid playing Bruce Wayne almost gave me chills in the scene where he gives his speech after Selina stitches up his brow.
And how the hell does Gordon get out of this one?


I don’t know Papageno!!! Gordon’s framing was really amazing to watch. And the entire Riddler plot line is hitting its stride and is just fantastic.

Also wasn’t it amazing to see Paul Reubens as Penguin’s Father?(Batman Returns anyone?!?!)


Was that the second Burton movie with Michael Keaton (and was that the one that had Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman as well)? I only watched it the one time in the theater back when.

OK, I looked it up. As I recall, Paul Reubens played the Penguin’s father who, with his mother, throws him in the river. And of course it was the one with Michelle Pfeiffer (who looked very good in that costume, as I recall).

I decided to put that film in my Netflix queue.


This has become my favorite comic-based anything – TV show, movie, whatever.

I’m guessing that either Nygma gets Gordon out as a further demonstration of his power, or that Bullock puts at least some of the pieces together and challenges the evidence enough to get him out, or both.


Nygma is really hitting his stride as the Riddler now. The frame up was well played but when looked at deeper, Bullock should be able to see that Nygma is one of the few people who could pull off that frame, with the altered evidence and missing reports. I also believe that Bruce will play a major part in clearing Gordon thus cementing their bond. Hes on the street with Selena and well positioned to get information not easily available to the cops.


I just watched the first episode of this, and man was it rough. Poor acting, 7 different hero/villains in the first episode, incredibly flat characters, super hamfisted bro-references to Gordons wife being a previously lesbian - not once, not twice, but THREE times, in case it wasn’t obvious (wink wink nudge -at least, thats how it felt).
To stay spoiler free, I’ve avoided most of this thread - does it get a lot better than the first episode?


Hold the course Razgon! It gets better and I’d say by mid first season it found its stride.


It gets steadily better. As I’ve said up-thread, this series seems to have set itself the tricky balancing act of blending camp 60s style Batmannishness (without Batman) with some really rather dark stuff in a gothic art design stylee, resulting in some quite shocking black humour sometimes. It took them a while, but they’ve been consistently hitting the right balance for many shows now, and the way it’s putting the great rogue’s gallery under scrutiny at a leisurely pace is actually quite entertainnig.

It’s turned out to be a good series, perhaps not as good as The Flash or Arrow (although this season’s Arrow has been a tad disappointing in some ways), but about on a level with Marvel’s Agents. Occasionally brilliant, shocking, surprising, but a bit too uneven to be a true classic.

If you only had the time to watch one or two comics/tv shows perhaps this wouldn’t be one of them, but if you’ve got the leeway to watch all the shows, it’s definitely got its moments.