Graveyard Keeper (bring out your dead)


I have a coupon as well. I already have the game. Let me know if anyone wants it


I would like one. I’ve decided. For 15 it’s worth a shot.

I will friends list folks too, not just for coupons either, although I don’t use Steam for social stuff like at all, just coop gaming which is why it’s such a small list.


I may have to check this out tonight. If it’s 70% as good as Stardew Valley it’s worth checks notes 320-ish hours of entertainment.


I have almost 200 myself, and that doesn’t include PS4 which is what I’ve been playing on lately. I love that sort of art style, and I am willing too try something a little more structured and less… what to farm today too to see if that works for me.


Funny. I am at work so I bought the game on Steam’s website so I could have it preloaded when I got home - noticed I had a notification after I entered the code for Steam Guard authenticator. Yup, 25% off coupon.


Glad they have refunds now :)


40 minutes in or so, and this is definitely interesting. There are many many things to do, and I’m happy enough wandering around while picking berries and chatting up villagers.

Doesn’t have the same driving loop that Stardew does; it feels kinda aimless even though there are a lot of carrots being dangled in a lot of different directions.

Definitely worth spending some more time with, though.


The outdoor scenery tiles look straight out of Stardew.

Which leads to a request. We need some kind of interlacing program for PC. Or something to take pixel graphics and make them recognizable on largerish monitors. Maybe this game is better, but couldn’t play Stardew on my system because it made me go cross-eyed.


I’m just bumbling around and having fun. Definitely could use more documentation. I don’t think the various storage locations are linked, which I think could prove annoying down the road.


I don’t get this. What happens on large monitors?


Nothing, I played on a PC with 27” monitor running at 2650x1920 and it looks fine. I am guessing @jpinard doesn’t know there is some setting you can change for zooming.


This is also on xbox gamepass. I put an hour into it - interesting game, really like the graphics. Spent a few minutes just looking at the title screen :) Performance isn’t that great on my One S. There is often a distracting lag while walking around.

How do we get more of the repair thingies for the graves?


I get the walking lag hitch/pause as well, and I’m on PC for this one.

Either craft or trade/buy them.


Yeah, however they’re streaming their zones is pretty inefficient. It’s not awful on my monster box, but it is noticeable.


I think it’s leaking memory, I find if I quit and restart it goes away until I walk through the wheat field about 6-10 times.


I’m a little over 10 hours in.

Would not recommend it in the current state.

It was a good mindless thing while resting an injury, but not very fun after awhile. Trying to figure out alchemy without reading spoiler sites was my “Why am I still playing this?” uninstall moment.


I’ve played a bit more. I keep coming back to how I’m not really pulled forward by anything. I have tasks to accomplish, yes, but the lack of enforced sleeping at night removes the diurnal rhythm from the game and turns my energy bar into a boring necessity to work around rather than a resource to utilize effectively.

I’ll probably come back to it, but as much as I like some aspects of it (tone, progression, presentation) it doesn’t quite all come together.

I hate to say it, but it feels like GK could have used an Early Access period.


It had one, but only for Kickstarter backers apparently.

Either the devs didn’t prioritize things correctly, or they were very focused on finishing content, or both. But the post release patches certainly indicate a game where the balance wasn’t done (and maybe isn’t close to done). Reductions in work times, tweaked tool efficiencies, rendering certain resources permanent (as of yesterday), adding fast travel, changing resource requirements, longer days. . . It’s a surprisingly a mount of stuff and a pretty radical set of changes just after release.

Also the progression in this is not good. Stuff is gated behind mysterious conversations, or not clearly marked as being behind certain technologies. Frequently you get left with no clear idea of how to progress certain things. The progression has a ton of potential, but it’s messy.


Fair enough on progression. I was thinking mostly of the explicit xp pips for doing things and the tech tree, that felt all right to me.

The risk/reward thing on autopsies is wack, though. Sheesh.


They sold an alpha Early Access thing about 2 months ago. I bought it, thinking it would be in development a while and they ended the EA period after like 2 weeks and then announced the game would be out a month later. I knew it was in trouble at that point.


I like explicit xp for doing things. I like the tech tree in principle. But (1) it, or actions you need to leverage techs will be gated behind weird story things and (2) you wind up hard stuck where you get techs, think you are progressing towards something, only to find you can’d do one or more ingredients along the way. Further, there’s a really optimal order to do things that’s not obvious up front and not in a good way (in other words: it’s not simply a matter of getting better and the mechanics and maybe a little foreknowledge that holds you back; it’s a lot of foreknowledge).

I need ink. I have no idea where to get one ingredient. I decided to spoil myself. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to determine how to make it; I see no path from where I am trhat gets me to making what I need for black ink. But, like a lot of things, you can buy ink. However it’s expensive (and my money making is very limited right now because of another thing I can’t do), and worse I forgot to progress the Astrologer Quest for awhile and now I have to wait another 6 days before he shows up to sell it again. I’m not even sure how much ink I’ll be able to buy.