Great Staplers!

I’m looking to buy a really good desktop stapler, and am finding myself overwhelmed by the choices at the local office supply store (e.g. vertical, reduced-effort, “One Touch” &c. &c). I don’t want a big industrial hunk of metal that can perforate 200 pages, just a tidy design that can handle 20 pages without ever bending a staple the wrong way.

Imposing appearances and novel designs are preferred. The stapler must project the impression that its owner is a bit vain, and probably needs to get his priorities straightened out. Any ideas?

Also, while we are on the subject, I would really appreciate any useful advice regarding the purchase of an eraser. I would like the general style to say something along the lines of ‘if you demonstrate even the slightest imperfection, the owner of this product will not hesitate to wipe you clean out of existence!’.

Staples Dx-1 one touch. Best manual stapler I’ve used.

I am not a fan of electric staplers. Shows at $17 for me, but ymmv cause staples is one of those stupid places that changes prices depending on your freaking cookies and/or browser.

I have this bad boy, and it’s amazing:

I must say that I am rather disappointed this thread has not done better. Come on people, staplers is a fantastic topic!

I have the all-metal Swingline 94-02. Not only does it effectively put tiny metal wires through paper, it weighs about 14 pounds and has sharp edges. I can pistol-whip the UPS guy, drag his unconscious body behind the dumpster and remove his wallet before he ever knows what hit him and before my staff starts thinking, “Wow, she’s on a long restroom break.”

Highly recommended.

Related: anyone know of a good hole puncher? mine’s bit the dust.

first thing that popped into my head.

Swingline Comfort Grip. Best on the market.

If you want a stapler that says ‘hey, I have more money and douchebaggery than sense’, get the AKTO.

Sure, it’s $70, but it’s also stainless steel and fucking stupid.

And if you want to get an old school stapler that says ‘I like steampunk AND tetanus!’ go for this classic look.

So it has been about three weeks and I am very disappointed to see there are no new posts here. If we can’t keep activity in these interesting threads then the whole board will just go downhill.

I got your staplerright here.

Need to staple a note to a full copy of a major metropolitan Sunday newspaper? No problem with this baby. Heck, with the right length of staple you can fasten your hand to your foot.

I usually run my guns with about 80 psi of air. With that, I’ve never had a problem driving any staples with this gun.

This is my personal favorite of the bunch:


Where might I find such a thing?


This.But only The One can figure out how to operate it.

Ha, ha. If I dared to use that, I’d end up stapling my crotch.

I ended up going with this one. I love the “KPOW!” that lets everyone in my office know that I am seriously stapling.

Shit Bonerz.