Greetings from Philadelphia

Just some thoughts on Penn, Wharton and the City.

– Penn is pretty amazing. I don’t think I would have been happier anywhere else.

– The inter-school competitions between Penn’s different colleges are pretty amusing. You hear comments like “Welcome to Wharton, leave your soul at the door” and the College students tell Engineering students “Hey! Go fail another class.”

– Wharton, specifically, is even more amazing. The school has the latest and most expensive ($150 million!) building on campus. $50,000 control-everything podiums are oft found.

– Philadelphia is pretty nice. Penn has bought out pretty much any area 5 blocks from campus, which is good since Penn Police monitors it. It’s called “University City” instead of “West Philadelphia.” Downtown is pretty nice, though the skyline isn’t that great from someone a few minutes away from NYC. West Philadelphia is ehh… but thankfully (or regrettably?) we don’t have to wander too far from our UCity bubble.

I’m sure some of you missed me. :)

I thought you were going to Yale.

Oh lord. Jose, please stop thinking University City is a “bubble.” You’re going to get killed.

One can hope.

At least visit Delilah’s in Philly before you die, I rather enjoyed it.

Hey cool, I’m at Penn too; a junior in the College. Facebook me. Fuck Wharton. All the other buildings are downtrodden compared to Huntsman.

[quote=“Prohkor Zakharov”]

University City demands that you share the secrets of Sentient Econometrics.
[ul][li]Of course, we will transfer the knowledge at once.
[/li][li]No way.[/ul][/li][/quote]

  • Alan

Who was that guy that made a “Boy, my parent’s house is expensive!” post? AIM, right?

This reminds me of it. Jose, I can’t express in words how greatly “expensive podiums at the college you just started going to” fails to impress me.

Again, no matter how interesting you find your life, it’s not special or unique. We aren’t your little brother.

I think it’s been a while since nobody gave a fuck about Jose so he’s looking for some attention.

Yes, people still think you are a pubecent ignorant child and don’t give a damn about you. You might have had some sympathy back when you were getting in, but you’ve only proven yourself as an attention whore.

I can’t wait for Philly to tear it out of you. Don’t get far from campus, that’s where “They” get you.

What’s wrong with you guys; is it our lovely culture of mediocrity raising it’s head?

“Hi i’m at this cool expensive college and it’s fun”

“STFU brainiac! You’re going to be so happy when some punk reams you a new one in downtown philly LOL!”

If it offends you someone is having success you don’t have to jump into things only to berate them.

Monthly updates on your income, please. I want to be the first to know when the magic happens.

I was giving him a friendly tip. I love Philly and I’m certainly not afraid of it, but University City isn’t some kind of super-safe bio-dome, and seriously, Jose would be better off not being under the impression that he is.

I would be happy for him if he gave us a story instead of some sort of play-by-play Jose style. This isn’t a blog, so you are in Philly now, whoopdee fucking do! Have something interesting to say, like how you suddenly develop classic stereotypical racism after being there for only a month or you got into a house/dorm and one of your roommates is fucking crazy and was boning a chick in the same room as you were trying to sleep the first night there.

The only thing I see in Jose’s original post is:

– Look I picked right, haha fuck Yale!

– Schools spirit is weird, what the hell is up with all this competition? I guess this is the real world.

– Wharton jackoff session = money.

– Philly is dirty but not the part I’m in. I saw the dirty part and hope the police keep those fuckers out.


Meh, I bet it’s not all that great. We all know that Jose consistently overrates things.

I believe we have a winner! A close second to Bootx for posting that awesome dinosaur picture. Thanks to everyone who participated.

TSG- Thanks a lot, pal. You’re going to encourage him with that. More exciting updates are sure to follow:
“Went to class today! There was a hot chick! The book cost $140!! OMG!!!”

Also, nobody has accused Jose Liz of being a brainiac.

He posted 4 observations - the latter 3 fairly general and of reasonable public interest. Why the need to harsh on him?

If he posted something unreasonable in an older thread (not saying that he did), then the time to critique him was in that thread. This post is perfectly reasonable and not much different than most threads on this forum. Chill out.

Hey Jose.