Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)

Lies, lies, lies. GD Item Assistant is the freaking best. Searchable shared stash, super easy to use. Works happily with vanilla and RoT both. What’s not to love?

Seriously, I can’t play without it any more. Just fire all those drops into the void, and search them up when you are equipping a new toon or respeccing or whatever.

Reclaiming the cognitive space of organizing and culling items manually is a huge, huge win.

Oh no! Now I have competing arguments. Maybe searchability is worth losing all my items?!? The way they drop I could probably replace them all in a few days anyway.

Also, I’ll add this item storage stuff to things I hope they change in a new game. Give me unlimited storage and searching!

Add me to the list of GD Item Assistant is great.

I think you need to disable cloud saves for Grim Dawn though. That’s a caveat, and one I can live with.

I’ve never had an item lost, never had a problem with it, never even seen any items corrupted. Simply load up the program (it’ll sit in the background) load up Grim Dawn, and when you want to add to IA, drop the items into the nominated stash for storage. If you want the item from Item Assistant, move away from stash in game, alt tab to the program and send the item to the shared stash in game. I can’t remember what it says, but very intuitive. From there, the item will appear in your nominated shared stash box in game.

If you’re really not sure, test it with some yellows first. But I do recommend having all shared stash slots available, and I do recommend checking my note about cloud saves and if they have to be turned off.

I downloaded and installed it. Realized I’ll need to move some files around to get my cloud characters to be available with cloud saves off so I set it aside for tonight.

for Reign of Terror you will need all expansions? The definitive edition? It is currently full price on Steam, GOG, Humble. What was the low price for it?

Looks like it requires the two main expansions(Malmouth and Forgotten Gods) to play according to the main thread: [Mod] Reign of Terror - Modding - Projects - Crate Entertainment Forum

The lowest price the collection has ever reached seems to be $22 on gog. The “definitive edition” is not sold as such on steam, but the package does have a 15% bundle discount associated with it, although the individual bits have not all reached historical lows at the same time, oddly.

I have been going on a bit of an necromancer-alt spree trying out the various different damage type builds one could do with it. Having fun with an aether damage build right now. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of equipment for such a build at lower levels, but I’m managing. Have a monster infrequent mace from somewhere that does 100% physical damage conversion to aether which has really boosted things.

Some part of me keeps going back to wanting a vitality build based around Drain Essence to be a thing, but it’s just such a dull skill.

Cold build has been fun too, although I’ve mostly focused that around the dual wielding nightblade side so far. There does seem to be more equipment for the cold-based necro build and if I ever get it to level 75 I’ll have to respec for the two-handed legendary scythe I have sitting here for it.

Cold “caster” Nightblade is great fun and super powerful, at least to the levels I was playing at.

I love me some Nightblade. Zoom zoom! Regen! Zoom!

Yeah, that’s my only disappointment with the game, is that there’s some skills that look great on paper, but they’re so dull to actually cast in the game itself that it puts the kibosh on any kind of build using that skill. I feel like the Nightblade has several of those skills, which is why I never got into those builds. It’s nice with ANY skill when stuff just falls over and dies quickly, don’t get me wrong. But if I have a choice between a skill that’s satisfying to use visually and makes an enemy fly across the screen, and one where someone just plops dead in a boring way, I’d rather use the one that makes a spectacle.

Yeah, my necro builds keep falling back to use the ability that causes a wave of bones to shoot out from me and make enemies go flying. Helps that it works with most damage types you’d choose a necro for.

At level 38 my aether necro build now is to the point where as long as I have enough resistance against whatever boss my lifesteal abilities can keep up with the damage they can deal which makes these fights pretty trivial.

It’s out now.

They are still updating this after all these years? Wow, that’s some impressive support.

Although I’d wish they’d work on another RPG along the same lines, Farthest Frontier actually looks like a game right up my alley.

I didn’t realize they were doing another patch?! I thought the last one was their finale.

Do I need to worry about any sort of compatibility issues with the item assistant tool with a patch like this?

Xbox version coming early december.

I’m sure it’ll be great on console. Controller support isn’t perfect, but it’s real damn good.

Very cool. Always happy to give more money to Crate, even if I don’t end up playing that much considering I’ve already spent over 1500 hours on it.

Oh to be clear, it’ll still be better on PC with Item Assistant and being able to switch onto a mouse for inventory management and leveling. But hey, it’ll be great without those things too.

Finally, it’s been a long time coming.