Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


Homestead faction has a nice augment that you can get at “Honored” level that adds fire/chaos damage as well as chaos resistance.They stack on top of the material components. I put them on my dual pistols to help boost my chaos resistance which was getting my killed by Cthonians especially the star/hero mobs. Homestead faction is pretty easy to boost just by killing beast heroes. Same goes for Rovers and killing undead.


Ok, my build must be bad or something. Or I just need to gitgud. Whatever. In any event, my 32 Necro/Inquis suddenly can’t beat a boss without dying. Dying a LOT. Like, the boss runs in, 1,2, 3, bam, dead. Try to keep my distance, he closes, bam. My skeletons stand back and shoot crossbows, or run in, but either way, bam, they’re dead.

I may just respec to total full nothing else but pets and see if that works. I’m wearing all blues and nothing I’ve found in the wild so far is anywhere near as good as what I have, but my durability is zilch.


Huh, mine is 36ish and stomping through content. Don’t think I have much in the way of overly special gear - helm with +2 skellies and a nice belt that has an area freeze proc when I am hit and most everything else pretty average.

I am rocking pure Skelly and Blight Fiend, with a couple of points in the Necro and Inqusitor auto-procs, with Fiend devotion assigned to Skellies and Scorpion devotion assigned to Blight Fiend.

About like this at the moment:

The pets kill stuff pretty quick and as long as I notice a boss, I can pretty easily keep at range. Do you have the ‘pet attack’ skill bound at all? I usually command them to engage particularly threatening mobs. Could be the Blight Fiend is better at drawing aggro as well.


I had this happen to me last night. I figured out what the damage type was and then boosted my resistance up to 80% with gear/augments/components etc. It was a lot easier. Still had to retreat a couple of times and recast skellies then go back in and luckily his health wasn’t completely reset. I think on Veteran he gets some back. I try and face tank in my Inquisitors Seal for a while and then fall back to a new Seal dropping a rune on the way.

But bottom line is that boss fights are about resistances. It would be nice if they had something like in Shadow Warrior 2 where they listed what they were weak against and what their damage type is in an overhead icon/nameplate.

Edit: Keep calling the seal a sigil


Binding devotions to the pets…I thought that only triggered when you summoned them? Does it trigger when they actually attack? If so, that makes a lot more sense.

I had pet attack bound but they seemed to ignore it or get stuck most of the time. Might try it again. But usually the AoEs from bosses just vaporized them.

I am trying a non-pet build now and it’s much more durable, swapping between dual pistols and sword + board, but doesn’t seem very necro-y. Might try a pet thing again pushing points around. Thanks for the ideas.

Re-specced to eight skellies, and ditched some other stuff and it’s definitely much more like a pet build should be. Seems the key is definitely dumping a ton into the three skellie abilities.


Yep, sure does! Not everything can be bound to pets though, but most of the %att type stuff can be.


Wow, that’s interesting. I never bound anything to pets, since I figured I thought it would only trigger when I cast the spell.


Whoa, yeah, that’s pretty wild. I didn’t even think to bind anything to a pet summons since those are the spells I cast the least. Might have to try it out.


Pro tip: Assign the Flame Torrent devotion to your skellies. It’s amazing.


I didn’t know what Port Valbury was, but I just found it. Seeing that the Conflagration is my least favorite area in the game, it’s just more of the same, except more difficult. Aether outcroppings everywhere, as well as little aether whirlwind type things that can’t be killed. And I didn’t even have a key to get in the dungeon, so I didn’t even make it very far. Not looking forward to coming back with a key, but I will have to give it a try. I wish they would at least put a teleporter by the gate.


The “roguelike” dungeons in general aren’t worth it. The only spot that has better loot than randomly running around is the end boss. Meanwhile it costs a rare crafting material to get in and it’s about 50/50 whether you make it back on a full clear. (If it’s the Steps of Torment dungeon, then that chance is zero because undead never drop any)


I do those dungeons more for the challenge/fun, than for loot.


Man, I hate those things. There’s quite a lot of them in the Malmouth zone.


Ugh. Haven’t gotten to the new expansion content since I started the game anew, but the aether patches are the most annoying part of the game. If they could be cleared, that’d be a different story. As it is, I spend as little time in those areas as possible. It’s that last bit that developers should not want: players doing all they can to get through/past something you spent so much time designing, and not wanting to go back.


The Grim Dawn devs seem to be fond of ‘don’t stand in this patch!’ level design. See also the Slith-filled basement where you’re trying to get the recipe.

Not my favorite thing about the game.


It wouldn’t be so bad if you could build resistances to the patches, but in my very limited experiments, it doesn’t seem you can.


Yeah, there’s one section in Act 2, after the warden when you go west for the first time. That section is filled with the green stuff all the way around in a sort of half circle, that eventually leads into a cave. So I built up my aether resist as high as I possibly could and ran through that green death to finally reach that cave alive!

I can’t remember what I found there anymore, but it wasn’t worth anything. They clearly never meant for me to go to that cave, that whole area was just supposed to be set dressing.


Ah, man. I’ve been meaning to build aether resist to check that cave out.



My recollection was that aether resist didn’t help with environmental effects, which is something I really disliked when I played before. Was I wrong or did that change?


This was what I found out there about resisting those aether patches:

can only be mitigated by “damage reduction” such as can be gained from several ultimate skills, an aether cluster, or maiven’s sphere of protection.