Grognard Wargamer Thread!


Annoyingly, V&G is one of those games where you fire it up and start the tutorial, and it just gives you a link to a youtube video. But they’re good to check out to get a feel for what’s involved.


I ended up not really liking Victory & Glory (despite being a huge fan of the Hannibal game). The games seem to always play out the same, and not very historical. It’s just making monster stacks and hoping you can wipe out the enemy before they get your capital.


Thanks, will check the tutorial videos out.

The Hannibal game is more appealing to me thematically so if V&G isn’t a case of “they fixed everything that didn’t work in the previous game” then maybe I’ll lean in that direction (once I’ve determined if either game passes my scope/complexity test).


They are, which is one of the things I like about them


The combat in V&G is a little more interesting (they have the left/center/right/reserves thing), but the system seems to work better for Hannibal, where moving monster stacks around is actually historical.


On Victory and Glory, I liked it but I did fall off and haven’t played it too recently. I also appreciated the board game feel.

For the Steam Sale I picked up War in the West. I’m still futzing with the intro Husky scenario and trying to figure the basics out. I’ve had War in the East and was similarly tied up with its intro scenario as well. I often play the old Third Reich PC game and that’s about the level of detail I like. I think the War in the… series models things at a slightly too fine level for me for the operational / strategic level you play at. Strategic Command: War in Europe has been scratching that itch pretty well.

Tom Mc


Both games favor monster stacks because your main advantage is having the best general in the game(though in V&G Davout is also better than all the coalition generals and he can lead a secondary stack).


Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations WOTY is on sale at Fanatical (formerly Bundle Stars) for $19.99 + an extra 10% off by using the code BLACKFRIDAY10, or about $17.99 U.S. if I calculated correctly.


War in the West Complete (including the Operation Torch DLC) is only $35.


Board games have DLC? ;-)


Maannnnn, Slitherine sent me an anniversary coupon, and so much of their stuff is on sale and I want stuff but I don’t NEED stuff I still need to play more Close Combat Iron Cross the last game I got from them so yeah I don’t need stuff but I want stuff god dammit Slitherine.


To avoid temptation, I used mine like a week ago on something small – the Polaris Sector DLC. I’m waiting for winter next year, when I can maybe pick up Field of Glory II plus all the DLC.


Classic War Pack is a bundle of retro games being temporarily offered for $7.49 U.S. at Fanatical (formerly Bundle Stars). The bundle includes:

Across the Rhine
Command H.Q.
Silent Service
Silent Service II
Task Force 1942

Anyone interested in retro PC wargaming might want to check into this limited time offer.


Has anyone played the Conflict of Heroes series (tabletop version)? I already have Combat Commander, and am looking for a WWII tactical game that is a bit lighter and easier to get to the table. Looking at comments on BGG, it seems like CoH might be a good fit. I’d also be open to other suggestions (besides Memoir 44).


Conflict of Heroes is fine though I found it a bit dry.

Perhaps take a look at Band of Brothers and Old School Tactical. I absolutely love the latter.


Conflict of Heroes is really good, IMO. But it also has an excellent solo mode that is pretty much worth it on its own.


Yup I played CoH, I liked it fine. As @moss_icon says though Old School Tactical really is pretty great, highly reccomended and the next logical step from CoH. Be aware though its a big board which is not modular, so plan accordingly. I also like LockNLoad a lot. I bounced hard out of Band of Brothers, too bland for me. Oh and Heroes of Normandie is a hoot as well.


I ended up picking up Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal and played through the first two missions solo today. Really enjoying it so far! I especially love the asymmetry between the US and Japanese sides. The game also includes a bushido mechanic which encourages the Japanese player to charge in to combat more. Also, the production values are amazing, especially for a wargame.


Is this a tabletop or digital game?


Tabletop. Although there are digital versions of CoH, LockNLoad & Heroes of Normandie.