Grognard Wargamer Thread!


Thanks for your answers and info @CraigM, @Brooski, @Navaronegun.

I have a good handle on the costs for a small team to make cheap (not necessarily) bad software, but no idea about board games.

GMT/Playdek did a good job with Twilight Struggle, shame GMT couldn’t repeat that with C&C:A.


Playdek is doing Labyrinth. I suspect it will be better than this hash-up.


I was thinking about this though… who else would there be to make it that GMT would be able to talk to?

Playdek, sure, and perhaps now that the partnership is renewed they’ll be only using them, but those guys will have a limited bandwidth.

Maybe Slitherine/Matrix but it depends which dev team it gets given too.

I don’t see Lock’n Load taking on someone else’s license when they have their own table-top and digital stuff they work on.

Nomad Games just got the Quartermaster General license, and have a proven track record with table-top ports but I don’t think they’ve made any wargames before, and I’m not sure if GMT would necessarily know of them to get in touch.

I’m probably forgetting some people but if you’re not going with Playdek or HexWar, who do you got to from there?


I think Slitherine is the best bet. Another outlier I could think of think of is Battle Factory. Having said that though, every game doesn’t have to be licensed as a PC game. But trash like this HexWar title could damage your brand, which has been excellent so far due to the success of the Playdek partnership. HexWar did do an acceptable job on the Academy Games titles, and those did have a very bare bones multiplayer option, on PC and iOS. So I wonder if this is just a failure on this title specifically. Command and Colors isn’t my jam, so I can’t speak to whether this was a pure error in the development of the Sofware specifically, or if the devs ignored the boardgame and just did their own thing and/or slammed a round peg hard into a square hole.


I really wished that whoever did Battlelore:Command, as @JoshL mentionned, had done all those other ports. Sigh…



Yeah, it’s, but there is a shout out to the intrepid @Brooski, and it’s a topic I have of late been curious about.


My research has been cited!


There’s a site called Academia, where you can check to see who has cited you and where, etc. For some reason I get emails from them all the time, probably because I went there once for something now long forgotten. Anyhow, there’s this dude in Russia, a chemist I think, who is a prolific publisher of academic papers on, well, chemistry. He happens to have the same name I do, and so every few days I get an email saying “You’ve been cited in 12 papers!” or something. I checked out this dude’s Facebook page, and I doubt I could even comprehend a tiny portion of the stuff he writes about, even in English.

So, usually, my citations are by guys with flashing blue lights.


Yeah, I get notifications from Academia as well. It’s a pretty crude system: there seems to be a guy with my name in Slovakia, and we both publish medical research papers, so sometimes I find out that “I” have been published in some Slovak obstetrics journal. But it’s all good.


I recommend using Google Scholar, it is very good at verifying the identity of authors of papers.


I just saw on my feeds Wargamer’s take on the game

the writer has obviously gone the way of @Navaronegun



To be fair, I go that way when I basically don’t want to make anyone cry.

“You don"t scare me, work on it.”

“Sir! Yes Sir!”


some interesting pictures there - looks like the are has undergone some kind of intense tectonic activity in the last 2,000 years, since according to “history” it was flat like a billiards table…


It seems like it would also be easy to excuse any game that gave the player a life-threatening abdominal wound, as History says that is likely the way actual soldiers felt.


Big Twilight Struggle patch out today…


Yeah, this AM. Haven’t noticed much.

EDIT: Ah, it’s a lot of little stuff:

Fixed influence animations to map not completing properly

  • Fixed Vietnam Revolts and China Card interaction in Asia
  • Fixed Flower Power/Arab Israeli War/Camp David Accords bug
  • Fixed bug with passing action round when Cuban Missile Crisis is in play
  • Fixed being able to undo after AI headline card is revealed
  • Several cards need to have commit points added
  • Coup Popup now shows correct Military Ops gain when opponent attempts a coup
  • Fixed Algerian flag
  • Fixed the online create game not saving additional influence setting correctly
  • Find Game screen no shows the host’s online status icon
  • Add Friend input field limit increased to 30 characters
  • Fixed text coloring on ingame chat
  • Fixed map jiggle on ultra-wide displays
  • Fixed text alignment on several cards
  • Fixed rulebook and tutorial text errors
  • Tutorial now plays all announcements as Auto Play
  • Drag cards are no longer stuck over UI after application loses focus
  • Added tooltips to region scoring widget
  • Added text warning for offline forfeit


That’s an ooold update, here is a link to the newest update’s change log.
and for people not wanting to click:

Newest changelog

The following rules bugs were corrected in v1.1.2:


  • additional realignment attempts beyond the first one are now optional
  • influence can only be placed in countries where the player already had influence in or adjacent to at the start of the round (fixes issue when The Iron Lady is played by USSR player)
  • UN Intervention can longer be played when it is drawn with Grain Sales to Soviets during the Headline Phase
  • Latin American Debt Crisis will no longer be removed from the game when the event is played
  • end of game scoring for the China Card is now applied at the same time as final region scoring


  • End of Game scoring now handles Europe Scoring - Allied Berlin properly
  • The Cambridge Five will now allow influence to be placed in Europe when Europe Scoring - Allied Berlin is revealed
  • Non-Aligned Movement will no longer allow selection of any country when there are no countries that match the requirements
  • Victory Points are now awarded correctly for the Alternate Space Race Track


  • Discard Pile scroll position will reset when reshuffled into the deck (prevents issues where discard pile appears empty when playing Star Wars or SALT Negotiations)
  • Warsaw Pact event icon will now appear on the US player’s side
  • Reshuffle Events are now recorded in the Game Log
  • Starting game conditions (scenario, additional cards, handicap, and starting timers) are now recorded in the SETUP Game Log item


  • It is now possible to delete a friend from your friends list even if they haven’t logged in with Twilight Struggle
  • Game List entries now display Variant Ratings for Variant Games

Note that rules changes will only be seen in games that are started after the new update has been installed.

The UN Intervention pulled by Grain Sales “fix” looks to me like another Playdek own interpretation of rules going in opposition with the point exposed in the board game’s.
The Iron Lady sponsored Soviet South American invasion fix is more than welcome though!


Thanks, Left Empty. So second-order effect rules stuff from the extra cards (that I stopped playing with). It looks like.


That’s a huge fix. And it shows you how dangerous it is to use a digital game as an implied rules arbiter instead of the rulebook. I had one non-digital opponent claim that this was a legal move “because you can do it on the iPad.”