Grognard Wargamer Thread!

Windows XP and “up”…

And it looks like his Ancient Wars game from 2009 built on the bricks of ye olde TS Tiller-code. With cards.

I get that. I’m referring to Brooski’s comment about the cards.

I think that the cards thing is a kind of cheap way to make a design seem “modern.”

Which, when you read that statement, although it is 100% true, could be seen as evidence that the writer is legit crazy.

I hear you. I guess it depends on how well it’s done, but in general, I’m not a big fan of event cards.

Fall of Saigon; Fire in the Lake expansion from Mark Herman. Coming next year apparently.

Is anyone here interested in beta playtesting an Operational (1 day turns, mile per hex, Company as the primary unit) Board Wargame covering Operation Attleboro during the Vietnam War? The system is original and a ground-up build. If interested, please, PM me.

I’m solidly into the beta but need more testers to get things to pre-pub.

Play would be online and via Vassal. The module has high functionailty and is quite excellent. The artist I hired is frankly sublime and did an almost unprecedentedly unique job on the map and counters, while keeping function in mind.


How many turns are we looking at for an average scenario? I wonder if I might be able to get my blogging partner interested in a game or two.

Basic and intermediate scenarios range from 3 to 6 turns. Most of them are five. Eight scenarios in total. The campaign is 25 turns, and the mini campaigns will be 10-12.

I haven’t signed any NDAs so I think I can say publicly that the game is very good at this stage and worth playing. In addition, the VASSAL module is extremely well done.

Individual turns play pretty fast too. It’s definitely already fun to play and the asymmetry is great!

This is part of my own ongoing and very sprawling RPG/wargame/boardgame tabletop research, but I guess it fits better here.

Did you know the U.S. Army had a manual on wargames?

Here for example they explain that if you want to launch a war you should rely on military expert, but just in case you don’t have them, you can as well play a wargame!

And of course the best military simulations are written in FORTRAN.

Crikees, programmed in FORTRAN IV? How freakin’ old is that thing? I learned FORTRAN on punchcards back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

This seems to be the most famous:

Look how sleek it is.

…but nope. We can still go further back.

And holy shit, this is when it started going downhill.

Holy crap, that first picture is of me…kidding.

Clearly Mr. Rogers in the foreground.

That stuff reminds me of college (FORTRAN) and later in the '80s the PDP/11 and VAX 11/780 systems I used in a couple of government programs. At the time, I could not have imagined the type of computers we have today, back then.

Hmmmm…this might wake up our poor Lieutenant bored by news from the East into taking a snooze near the Volturno.


Sequel to CMANO announced.


  • Revised user interface, based on dark theme and with lots of tweaks for improved gameplay.

  • Completely re-written map engine, enabling fast and lag-free zoom & pan operations.

  • New spectacular high-resolution map layers

  • Support for real-time Tacview 3D view (NOTE: separate purchase of Tacview Advanced edition required)

  • Numerous new UI & gameplay features such as hover-info databox, time-step mode, colored datablocks, minimaps, “recently loaded” scens/saves etc.

  • Massive boost in simulation performance/scalability.

  • Automatic on-demand remote fetching of platform images (Players no longer need to manually download and install the database image packs)

  • Message Log 2.0: A radically improved message reporting system.

  • New game mode: Quick Battle Generator

  • New line-of-sight (LOS) tool

  • New ScenEdit feature: Merge scenarios

  • New sim features:

  • Customizable aircraft formations
  • Terrain type affecting movement, vulnerability and detectability of ground forces
  • New cost-based pathfinder engine
  • Realistic sub comms
  • Patrols with customizable movement pattern
  • Vastly improved aircraft flight model
  • Improved dogfight AI
  • Aircraft crew G-tolerance
  • Radar frequency agility
  • Explicit Doppler-notching
  • Renewed emphasis on overall gameplay experience:
  • Additional and expanded tutorials
  • Stylized map icons by default
  • The "Chains Of War” previously-exclusive features (cargo & amphib ops, aircraft damage, comms disruption and advanced weapon types) are now standard.

This is an expensive game I’m going to buy and not play much…

Heh, I hear you.