Grognard Wargamer Thread!

On this general topic, I have been trying to design a hardcore, hex-based, factor-counting wargame called “The Battle of Epping Forest” for years. The problem is I don’t know what Phil’s drum kit’s defense factor is.

It’s a 6. Normally a 2, but he gets to add in Cymbal IDF values (4) to his own Defense (“Killer Junior” Capability). But he has 0 MV, so if attacked, he can’t retreat (and would be eliminated if forced to retreat).

The real problem you have is figuring out the AT capabilities of The Barking Slugs.

You laugh but I’m not kidding!

Well, I know what I like and I like what I know.

Another game I’d like to see made is Take a Little Trip Back With Father Tiresias.

It can’t be made into a game, because there is in fact more land than sea.

This looks terrible, but I’m probably going to buy it anyway since it’s an area based game with event cards.

I love that this was JUST released, but the system requirements only mention an OS that was end-of-lifed over 5 years ago.


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I love how his idea of updating his system consists not of fixing the interface, but adding “event cards” to a system that has no place for them.

Does this system fit that description, though? It seems different from the traditional Tiller style of micro-managing battalions, etc. Graphically it sure is dated already though.

Windows XP and “up”…

And it looks like his Ancient Wars game from 2009 built on the bricks of ye olde TS Tiller-code. With cards.

I get that. I’m referring to Brooski’s comment about the cards.

I think that the cards thing is a kind of cheap way to make a design seem “modern.”

Which, when you read that statement, although it is 100% true, could be seen as evidence that the writer is legit crazy.

I hear you. I guess it depends on how well it’s done, but in general, I’m not a big fan of event cards.

Fall of Saigon; Fire in the Lake expansion from Mark Herman. Coming next year apparently.

Is anyone here interested in beta playtesting an Operational (1 day turns, mile per hex, Company as the primary unit) Board Wargame covering Operation Attleboro during the Vietnam War? The system is original and a ground-up build. If interested, please, PM me.

I’m solidly into the beta but need more testers to get things to pre-pub.

Play would be online and via Vassal. The module has high functionailty and is quite excellent. The artist I hired is frankly sublime and did an almost unprecedentedly unique job on the map and counters, while keeping function in mind.


How many turns are we looking at for an average scenario? I wonder if I might be able to get my blogging partner interested in a game or two.

Basic and intermediate scenarios range from 3 to 6 turns. Most of them are five. Eight scenarios in total. The campaign is 25 turns, and the mini campaigns will be 10-12.

I haven’t signed any NDAs so I think I can say publicly that the game is very good at this stage and worth playing. In addition, the VASSAL module is extremely well done.

Individual turns play pretty fast too. It’s definitely already fun to play and the asymmetry is great!