Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


One more tip: before investing in any gear pay a visit to the PvP zone (Heart of Mists) and try it out.

Not everything is available, but most of the common gear combinations can be tried out using a very simple interface that lets you select stats, runes, sigils, and traits. And it’s all free (too bad you can’t keep it when you leave!)

There are golem dummies to practice on, as well as more challenging NPCs, and even a free for all arena with live players. You don’t need to sign up for a single competitive match to do this. Often I realize that a build that sounds awesome in theory doesn’t work out so well in practice and isn’t worth the gold.

If you try this, also be aware that the gear used in PvP is slightly underpowered compared to what you will use in most PvE zones, I believe it corresponds to level 78 exotic stats and there are no temporary buffs (food, etc.).


Right, good advice. I tend to steer clear of PvP because, having tried it a few times years ago, I realised it wasn’t something I was good at! But for trying different builds, sounds great.

Is WvW still a viable thing these days, including rewards? I used to really enjoy that.


Hell, I haven’t played since launch. Would love a guild of people who know what they’re doing. DucVader.6729


Happy to have you, Vader! Invited!



I have not checked into this, but yikes.


It’s caused alot of commotion since the patch dropped yesterday.

For those who want the quick textual summary:

  • The latest expansion introduced mounts.
  • They introduced halloween-themed mount skins into the gem store for a set amount, and it caused no grief.
  • Yesterday they introduced 30 new mount skins. To get these mount skins you pay for an “adoption license”, which is $5 USD (bulk discount) per, which unlocks one of the 30 new skins forever.
  • If you buy more than one license you will always get a new skin, so no duplicates.

The complaints have seemed to focus on the fact that which skin you get is random. If you only want one or two of the skins in the store there is no way to buy them individually, you just have to keep buying adoption licenses until you hit the one you want, which at $5 each is really expensive.

My personal view is that the whole controversy is overblown. They are skins, they have no gameplay difference whatsoever. I think they are priced too expensively for what they are. Some look really cool but others aren’t that exciting, so $5 to roll a dice is too much for my taste. It doesn’t really affect me or the game in any way. It would be nice if they were cheaper, or got rid of the RNG element and let people pick their own, but if people really do hate the system very few will be buying them and ANet will realise they should change their strategy. People need to remember that they are paying no monthly sub to play the game.

The people it really hurts, I think, are those who are so addicted to the cosmetics of this game that they will buy them anyway, and are upset that they have to pay so much to get the nicest looking skins guaranteed. I don’t really mind their outrage on reddit if it leads to ANet lowering the price, but the game has not been compromised in any way. The fact you can buy in-game gold through real dollars is far more influential on the nature of the game, and that has been around for years and years.


I’m tempted to say that people raging over the contents of random loot box drops was inevitable at some point. On the other hand, they have chosen something that a lot of people want, the ability to customise mounts more than is currently possible. Creating a slot machine favours people for whom money is no object, everyone else will just feel left out. True, it’s just cosmetic nonsense, but it’s popular cosmetic nonsense. If I wanted to support ArenaNet by throwing a few more bucks their way, this isn’t going to persuade me.


Ah, so that’s why I saw someone riding a wolf today. I thought there were only raptor, rabbits, stingrays, and griffons. But I see someone sitting there on a wolf and I thought, wait, there’s wolfs too?

It doesn’t affect me, but I do think it’s pretty scummy to build that kind of gumball machine dynamic into the game to bilk money from people who want to collect stuff. I guess they’ve pushed miniatures collecting as far as they can, so now this.



Jackals. You get them in the regular course of play in Path of Fire, once you have advanced either your rabbit or stingray to their third ability. They’re not a skin (though some of the new skins apply to them).


No, no, what I saw today was a wolf. A bona-fide blue-eyed black-and-white furry wolf, howling and everything. Although it could have been a husky dog. But it definitely wasn’t a jackal and I’d never seen it before, which was why I was surprised. It was obviously one of the new skins.



To be honest I think the Black Lion chests are worse. It certainly isn’t the first time ANet has put RNG into the gem store. I suppose it is telling that my defense here is that they have actually always been this bad, but I thought that was the agreed compromise for having a MMO with no monthly sub. It isn’t the same as buying a AAA game and then getting prodded to buy loot boxes on top of that. This mount skin lottery is a way to suck up money from the whales to fund Living World Season 4, which afaik will be a series of free updates.

Someone please ping this thread whenever they introduce a giraffe mount, just in case I miss it in-game. Giraffes would have the best running animation:


All this pale in comparison to me to WTH happened with those jumping puzzle areas. Those are what people should have been yelling about for years!


The standard “jackal” mounts howl, too.

Regular jackal mount:

New “Twin Sands” jackal skin:


Played a bit earlier, grouped up to do the Deadhouse in a group of about 12. I think there were 3 of us with standard mounts, everyone else had all kinds of weird and unusual skins and effects going on. I had a look in the shop and there’s a contract you can buy to unlock a skin, as mentioned before, but even though it says “Right click to preview available mounts” in the tooltip, right clicking did nothing for me. The only clues as to what’s available are what everyone else is riding around on.

Incidentally there was a special (butt-ugly) mount on sale as well. Given that it was considerably more expensive, I’m guessing it was a one-off, but you can see their strategy here.

It’s been years since I last played, what did they do to them?


Ah, you’re right! I’ve so thoroughly put those out of my mind that it didn’t even occur to me. Which is one of the reason I guess I don’t mind them so much. They’re easy to ignore. But now that everyone is going to be parading around fancy jackals with wolf skins, Lassie skins, and various sparkly whatnots, it’s all up in everyone’s face.



That’s true, its much more obvious. Maybe that’s a nice side benefit of the current expensive rng system. Most people will only get 0-5 of these things, so you’ll see a nice variety when running around. If you could buy them separately everyone would pick stardust and ignore the others. Then every group will be a mess of sparkle effects, instead of currently when only whales and the very lucky will have it.


But unlike Black Lion Chest rewards and dyes (another RNG system), the mount skins are not tradeable. I think that’s what really puts people off. If you don’t like the idea of gambling for a Black Lion weapon skin, you always have the option of accumulating gold until you can buy it risk-free.


Yep. Random, Expensive, No-Trade. I think a developer can probably pick two of those three without causing much uproar, but going for the trifecta is pushing it.


You can always buy them with ingame gold instead. To get one mount skin costs roughly 100 gold from memory, that’s not bad for a mount skin! To get all 30 costs around the same amount of gold as buying one legendary weapon, again not bad.


You say that, but I’ve seen about 40 gold in the entire life of my account.