Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


Awesome- Thanks a lot guys! For some reason, I’ve bounced off the game many times, but recently I’ve taken a shine to it, and really enjoy it!


oh - Is the first story line worth completing? The one everyone starts with? I actually think I have most of them, but never completed any of them.


I would say so. it starts a bit silly but the later story is pretty cool and the Zhaitan mission is super memorable. Also you do get loot - a lot of it is designed to be useful during the 1-80 progression so won’t be anything much on a level 80, but the last chapter gives some decent goodies.

You may see stuff complaining about being forced to group at the end but that is no longer true. I soloed Zhaitan and it was hectic but completely viable.


Nice - I do remember on the one character I actually got to level 80, a ranger, I got stumped out in some desert with a group quest to kill a dragon - Thats Zhaitan?


No, you only face off against Zhaitan at the end of the first story arc, and it’s only in a party of five or fewer.

There are plenty of other dragons, though, some of which are fought in very large group battles that you can unexpectedly stumble into.


There are three dragons to kill in the “open world” that I recall now - Tequatl, Claw of Jormag and the Shatterer, and none of those is in a desert. :)

And yeah, the Zhaitan fight happens in an instance that nowadays is perfectly soloable. When GW2 came out, it was a dungeon-like thing (so you needed a 5-people party), but not anymore.


“Daybreak” is the name of Episode 1 of Living World Season 4, and it will be out in exactly one week. New trailer (spoiler warning, if you haven’t completed the Path of Fire story):


Fractals are the funnest thing in the game, in my opinion. They are mini-dungeons that need a team of 5, but you can easily use the LFG tool to find a group. They don’t take very long, 15-30 minutes maybe depending on how much the team is struggling. Most of the time there are groups doing the ‘daily fractals’, one of the handful of terms you’ll need to get your head around as fractals have their own little universe in the game. They do give great rewards though. They are one of the best ways to get ascended gear for a character, a good way to earn gold, and most importantly they are fun (provided you are in a decent group).


Crap! And awesome. I still haven’t completed Season 3. This should be fun, though.


Just a reminder that the story is continuous, like this:

GW2 base -> Season 1 (recap) -> Season 2 -> Heart of Thorns -> Season 3 -> Path of Fire -> Season 4

So don’t play Season 4 until you have finished the story in Path of Fire. Just saying. ;)


Nah, I’m going to play the latest thing. Does anyone really read the text or play the game with sound anyway?


sheepishly puts up hand

No really, I always try and get into the story, although I’m not that invested in the lore. There’s so much to catch up with on GW2 that I’m treating each season / expansion as a stand-alone story. Ok, there’s an overarching story, but it’s not critical to following what’s going on from one mission to the next. I just missed the references, that’s all (characters we run into that we clearly should know!).

So far, I’ve done Personal Story -> HoT Episodes 1 and 2 (to get the glider!) -> Path of Fire! It would annoy the crap out of the purists I imagine. I’m going back to S2 after I’ve done PoF.

As for Fractals, I only tried it once and couldn’t find a group interested in doing the lower level ones that I felt I might be able to cope with!


I’m finding the My Story incredibly boring sadly - So I skipped about a bit on various characters as well. One is doing Path of Fire, to get the mount - One just did a few things in Heart of Magunananana? to get the glider, but I am thinking of taking the stories after My Story now.

The thing is - I play on…eh…11 different characters right now, since I Have a hard time figuring out which one to actually choose.


This differs between races though, although it converges at the end presumably (and gets more interesting). I’ve only played one to completion, the Charr story, and I found it quite enjoyable because of the starting areas and growly cat voices. I tried a Sylvari at one point but found it interminably tedious, and the Asura was just annoyingly chirpy (as all Asura are).

Jumping to PoF, there’s a lot more invention going into each episode (including far more interesting boss fights) compared with the original story missions, so I’m curious to try S2 onwards now to see how they improve.


S2 was a pretty big drag for me (as were large chunks of the original Personal Story), but I really enjoyed Heart of Thorns and what I’ve done of S3 (about halfway through). It definitely gets better; one gets the impression that they really listened to feedback as they designed the later episodes.


Yup. The original GW2 base story has its moments, but it can be a bit boring, especially for some of the races. Season 1 was OK, 2 had its moments but nothing special (though it had a great ending)… Heart of Thorns showed a very noticeable improvement in storytelling, S3 was even better, and Path of Fire is at about the same level as S3. Looking forward to S4.


I think the late game personal story as it gets less personal and into stuff that applies for pretty much everyone gets significantly better. A lot of the stuff leading up to and in Orr is fairly cool, particularly the final encounter with Zhaitan. But there’s a bit of a slog to get there.


Living World Season 4 begins. Daybreak is out!


So, I finished episode 1 of LWS4. It was really good and fun, and oh boy, if you’re a Guild Wars 1 Nightfall fan, you’ll LOVE it. So many references, so much nostalgia. It’s awesome.

Of course, now I’m really curious to see where Season 4 is going. Episode 1 does kick a few possible paths on its own, but there are many, many ways it can go. This is gonna be good. ;)


They added a fractal and a raid, too. My first foray into the new (old) area leads me to believe there is a LOT of new content here. I do miss the ascended trinket rewards from LWS 3, though, and good rewards in general.