Guilty Music Pleasure


Go on, own up, Ace of Spades might be your official favourite song. But it’s quiet, everyone else is asleep, the headphones are on, what are you actually playing?

I am not in any way, shape or form listening to katherine Jenkins (time to say goodbye) or Take That (Patience).

But fuck guilty pleasure, Boston (More than a feeling). Because it is.


The Sukiyaki song!


I like to listen to Group X every now and then, their lyrics are amusing to me: I hate you so much I take your mother on a date, telling her she’s paying and I’m eating five steaks!

I also have way too many jpop/jrock anime intro and ending themes. Besides those I’m a big fan of Susumu Hirasawa. Also enjoy Capsule and Schwarz Stein.


Flicking through 80s synthpop on Spotify.


Oh yes, and Dangdut. I love the description from wikipedia

‘Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is partly derived from Malay, Arabic, and Hindustani music. It developed in the 1970s among working-class Muslim youth, but beginning in the late 1990s reached a broader following in low class Indonesians, Malaysia, and the southern Philippines’

In the late 90’s I was in Surabaya, and dangdut was the background music to my courtship - we had dangdut band at our wedding reception.

No guilt about it - but it was certainly seen as odd by most that I went to dangdut bars.

  • a classic dangdut song!


Dunno why people give me crap about it, given how awesome they are, but I freaking love ABBA. :-)


You think you’re a man? You are only a boy!


The album Blue, by Joni Mitchell.

Such an angel.


Rock on bro!

I mean Swede-pop on bro!


Joni Mitchell is a guilty pleasure?


No, of course not. BLUE is essential listening.

Put me down for 80s synth pop as well. Book of Love, Erasure, Icicle Works, Depeche Mode…


Part of me doesn’t really believe in musical guilty pleasures. Music isn’t bridge engineering. It isn’t emergency room protocol. People don’t die if you have bad taste in music, and if what you’re listing to brings you pleasure, if it’s catchy, makes your toe tap, whatever, that’s all it’s required to do. It might do more, but it doesn’t have to. So, short of maybe if you’re a fan of Neo Nazi bands or something, go for it.

For me, the bigger sin is the folks who like one genre of music and can’t deal with anything outside of that. Or the folks who can’t deal with any music made since they were in college. To me that’s sadder than having liked N’Sync (assuming N’Sync doesn’t represent the totality of what you like either).


I fucking love ABBA. You shouldn’t be embarrassed at all.

I suppose if I liked Backstreet Boys or Brittany or any of that kind of thing, I might feel guilt, but I don’t, so I can’t say. As it is, I don’t feel guilty about any of music pleasures. I like ABBA too. I like Duran Duran and Howard Jones (well, Things Can Only Get Better, anyway…awesome bridge!). I also listen to Lazarus AD and Dark Tranquility and Gojira, so a lot of my taste is pretty heavy. Still, I don’t feel any guilt for liking bubblegum pop.




I’m totally not embarrassed, I profess my love of ABBA openly. Just don’t get why people gimme crap about it is all. ;)


Speaking of Swedish pop, I still have two Ace of Base albums on my iPod. And I listen to both, occasionally.


The Sign is great, too!


I like far more of the Sugababes back catalogue than a 33 year-old man with a predilection for Indie/Alternative nonsense really should. Also, this.

Oh, some of the shite that Morrissey comes out with makes his stuff a guilty pleasure sometimes.


This. Except replace also with ALL THE TIME.


I enjoyed Ace of Base too! Yay!