Guilty Music Pleasure


I’ll say this too. Zac at 11 was better on the drums that I ever was.




My folks had that album on vinyl, and I of course bought it on CD at the first opportunity, along with A Charlie Brown Christmas whose jazzy take on “O Tannenbaum” is irresistible.

As far as guilty musical pleasures goes, I’d say early Madonna (“Borderline” “Like a Virgin” “Material Girl” etc.), Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” and their “Venus” cover, and Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop.”


Still love this one. I was 13 in 1984 and I vividly remember staying up late with my new Walkman waiting for the radio station to play this song again. I was obsessed.


I could never get into Wham, but man, George Michael’s “Listen Without Prejudice” album is about the most perfectly titled record I can think of. It’s so, so good. Its sad that whatever personal and professional issues got into his career after that record essentially derailed him as a creative force.


I listen to this from time to time.

And this cover.


I wouldn’t exactly call it a “pleasure” but if I feel like fucking with one of the passengers in my car I’ll slip this in.


It’s kinda hard to remember these guys as a guilty pleasure, because their music was listenable only if you were under the influence of a substance that has deleterious effects on memory:


There is zero guilt that accrues to Hawkwind, @Jason_Levine. ZERO.


If you say so. I just recall back in school in the '70s trying to listen to their music sober and thinking, “I really liked that last night, but now … oof!”


I was always “sober” when I tripped the light fantastic.


Wait a minute. You tripped the light fantastic to Hawkwind?


Are we talking as one might “trip the light fantastic” to Pink Floyd, for instance? Making sure our euphemisms are aligned here.


I usually associate the term with dancing, which means I don’t usually associate it with Hawkwind or Pink Floyd for that matter.


I am talking about “Tim Leary-ing”.


Ah, well then it’s quite applicable. :)


Used to go to Colony Records on 51st St in NYC and bought their albums as imports. I have this one. Expensive but the heart wants what it wants.



And Hawkwind’s Bassist (before he got kicked out because of a drug arrest on tour) was?


Lemmy. Easy one.