This looks cool.

Downloading to check it out now.

Looks whacky.

I am DLing it now.

EDIT : Downloaded and installed but it wont connect to the server.

Couldn’t access the server either, but upon closer inspection of the adorable Engrish I noticed this:

“NOTICE: If you CANNOT ACCESS SERVER in game, please DOWNLOAD package again. Sorry for your inconvenience.”

I don’t see how this could make even the slightest difference…

It doesn’t, but it does give you another progress bar to look at while you wait.

Yeah, can’t connect to server here either. I should probably connect Korean website.

I think the servers are down.

EDIT : Well thats a no shit but I have been looking and people are saying that they are either down for the weekend or the beta is over.

Yeah, I never even got a chance to play :(.

I hear the expansion is going to be called N’ Rosez

badda bing badda boom

But… when you launch the program it says the launch date was June 2…

It’s back up for now. I’ve been playing for the past three and a half or so hours… god damn. This game is so awesome. That’s all.

If any of you guys get on, my in-game name is Brestage_Va.

What’s it all about? What do you do? The site isn’t clear…

As far as I can tell, you bitch about lag, then you hit people a million times and laugh that they don’t die, then a guy with a katana turns up and cuts you into kibble. Occasionally you go onto a server and they have guns.

And then you run up a wall. Just because you can.

I dunno I thought it was good fun. Just get in to a noob room and tear it up with everyone else.

I’m getting the “you can’t join because there are too many users message” christ, at least give me a waiting room or something.

Basically, it’s an online multiplayer combination of Ninja Gaiden and Dead to Rights, with light RPG elements.

yeah, I grabbed it and had a go. Didn’t really grab me and made my mouse wiggling arm tired!

In any case, I guess it’s down again.

I’m a little surprised that the reaction here hasn’t been more positive. With a couple changes to the RPG stuff, and servers that actually work and no monthly fee, this is my PC GOTY so far.

I’m holding my judgement until I can actually log on to play the game.