Hades (SuperGiant Games)

This game is amazing, btw. I know it’s going to be contentious since it’s on EPIC, as usual, but it’s so freaking good.

Anyway, it looks like they are aiming for a December 10th date to arrive on Steam Early Access.

Though, it’s awesome right now, so I would recommend it if you have an interest now.

Damn it, I knew it would be on Steam before I’d end up playing it. Well, at least on EGS it was on sale, but it’s still unfortunate.

Amazing that its hitting Steam a year after the Epic store release exclusivity ends, and yet it will still be in early access!


Ditto to the max.

Yeah, I thought it would be out of Early Access once it reaches Steam.

I’ve enjoyed watching gameplay of this one, but I think it is too hard for me.

Man, I am so glad I bit on this. The game is gorgeous, and I love the myriad of different options for changing weapons, skills and overall gameplay. God, Supergiant might be my favorite Indie ever.

Yeah, I’ve been playing this on and off since I picked it up after the first major update and it’s been a blast every since. They keep adding more and more stuff, and while I’m not great at it I enjoy playing it and have actually made it pretty far a few times!

It looks so pretty, and I love Greek mythology, but it looks way too hard for me.

An Epic release. A year later.

Still in early access!

Yea, that’s what I thought. So why are they still trying to charge full price for this unfinished old thing? 🤔

It’s an interesting approach. Honestly I don’t mind it. It’s like they had a closed beta, and now it’s an open one.

The full price thing is worth asking about many Early Access games.

So, what makes this game a roguelike game and not an ARPG like Grim Dawn? Looking at a few gameplay clips it certainly looks more like an ARPG. What am I missing?

You will die after 15-30 minutes the first times. Each time you get a bit more powerful, allowing to finally reach the end of the game.

Ah, so it sounds like an ARPG/Roguelike mashup.

You also don’t level up or have a skill tree, unlike ARPGs, nor have mouse-driven controls like Grim Dawn or Diablo.

Well, you don’t have to use the mouse in Grim Dawn or Diablo 3 either. They’re much better with the gamepad.

Sounds like an isometric action roguelite then – no RPG.