Hades (SuperGiant Games)

Is there an ETA for this to be finished?

When it’s ready?

I haven’t seen one. I just know that I’ll be there when it is.

Logan Cunningham’s voice is always a highlight. And Darren Korb’s music is one of the consistently best in the industry. The auditory experience of a Supergiant game is like honey for the ears.

Was thinking the exact same thing last night. I do think it seems a bit less chaotic than dead cells, which is probably a good thing for me. I don’t know. Historically I’ve been terrible at combat in Supergiant’s games.

It’s definitely chaotic. On par I’d say, though it builds to it a bit slower than Dead Cells.

Really fun game so far. Will write more later.

I’ve only seen fairly early gameplay, so that makes sense. It’s interesting that the alternate attacks aren’t on cooldowns. I wonder if that will remain the same. Though they have a tendency to lock in place for significant amounts of time, so perhaps that’s the intended balancing component.

Yeah, that is super-duper the vibe the game has.

I don’t think they know. There is an in-game countdown to the next big update in 35 days. I think the plan is to have regular content drops almost like an episodic game.

They had a twitch live interview thing today, they said it will have 1.5 years of EA in Epic, and then it will release on Steam.

Interest . . surging. Ugh. This looks so damned cool. Gotta drop some hobbies :)

I really like silhouetted death scenes. This one reminds me of Aces Wild.

Bought this since it’s a combination of two things I appreciate: Supergiant and rogue-likes. No regrets so far, and I don’t mind buying into early access with rogue-likes since I usually get my money’s worth out of it (and then some) long before these things launch.

It does look, sound, and feel like a Supergiant game, and I’m also digging the combat flow so far. Obviously, it gets easier/better once you increase the number of dashes you can make. It feels very polished, and I haven’t run into major bugs/issues at this point other than the game not saving volume settings once you quit. Certainly will benefit from some more content and possibly gameplay additions down the road. There are some empty weapon slots in the Zag’s home, so I’m guessing more will come. It probably also would be more fun to have some equipment besides the keepsakes - or the possibility to equip two of them simultaneously.

It would also be nice if the sword has some kind of charging thing the other weapons have (the speer has the spin strike, the bow has the powershot timing, the shield has a ram attack), and if the speer had some combo thing like the sword does for its standard attack. I think they also need to do more to differentiate the Cast from the rest. They work nicely for the sword since the sword is all about melee. But the other three weapons have long-distance attack options, and the cast is just another one. Sure, it does more damage, but comes with the caveat of being limited (unil you collect them again). You can upgrade them with the boons, but 99% of the time I find the upgrades for attack, dash or special more appealing since you use them more often during combat.

Some summary notes over at Gama:

The January update dropped earlier this week. Plenty of game design tweaks, and they’ve added a thing you can now upgrade if you want the game to be more challenging. A few more rooms and a new enemy type or two. I hope the next update introduces another weapon or additions to the current ones though.

I’m thinking on buying this game. It seems good, but how is it at a content level? It’s what it made Dead Cells to be something to play for dozens of hours, lots of combinations with dozens of unique enemies and one hundred weapons.

Did you get it? Your comparison to Dead Cells perked my interest by 1000%. It never occurred to me that it might be that type of fun. Bastion was great, but it was no Dead Cells.

Yes, I did get it, but I only played 40 minutes so far, and following my EA tradition, I won’t play anymore until 1.0 is out.

The comparison with DC came in that in videos seemed a solid fantasy action game (although isometric instead of 2d platform), with emphasis on enemy pattern recognition, dashing, evading, etc, but with the roguelite formula, with permanent character upgrades and some randomization. So that mix reminded me of of Dead Cells.

Action wise, I would say it’s better than Bastion, but not as good as Dead Cells. The visceral feel isn’t the same, and from a pure depth mechanics view, it’s also below it. Just looking at the basic controls: DC has two weapons + two items, each with random properties, while Hades plays with a single weapon with an alternate fire/special, and s single almost-unchanging cast ability.
The content is also much smaller, with only 5 weapons instead of 100, and also less enemy types.

The trick in Hades seems to be the boon system. Hades is the type of roguelite that throws a good number of passives/upgrades to you, like Synthehik or Slay the Spire if you have played them, and some of them will change the game plays or what a weapon does by a substantial amount.
For example, every weapon has ~8 upgrades, with a pair that changes it up a bit more than usual. The boons themselves are given by the gods, they have ‘rarity’, and there around 100 of them, some of them are interesting, others are boring (in the sense that they are mostly equivalent to a stat upgrade).

It seems it has a difficulty system like Bastion, where you can receive more reward if you make the game harder for yourself.

Now, the game will be in EA until some point of 2020, so they could still have 10 months more of EA. I expect the game to add more content and systems in that time, although I don’t think it will be ever reach Dead Cells, in that sense.

It won’t be Dead Cells like you say, but for the 8€ that the game cost right now, it’s a good deal.

This game is amazing, btw. I know it’s going to be contentious since it’s on EPIC, as usual, but it’s so freaking good.

Anyway, it looks like they are aiming for a December 10th date to arrive on Steam Early Access.

Though, it’s awesome right now, so I would recommend it if you have an interest now.

Damn it, I knew it would be on Steam before I’d end up playing it. Well, at least on EGS it was on sale, but it’s still unfortunate.

Amazing that its hitting Steam a year after the Epic store release exclusivity ends, and yet it will still be in early access!


Ditto to the max.

Yeah, I thought it would be out of Early Access once it reaches Steam.

I’ve enjoyed watching gameplay of this one, but I think it is too hard for me.