Half the Mythbusters exit the show

Grant, Kari and Tori are off Mythbusters. Next season will be just Adam and Jaimie.

Unclear at this point whether it’s budget cuts, a coy way of teasing a spin-off, a contract dispute, or what.

This is like the Beatles breaking up for fans of endlessly repeated clips of everyday objects blowing up in slow motion.

Not going to lie, I assumed the show was already gone.

What is there left to test at this point?

Easy fix for me, deleted off my DVR already. Beginning of the end, I’m sure it had to do with money

Just finished watching the episode. Laid off Tori, Grant and Kari? One can only presume budget cut/episode cut or combination of such. More higher paid hosts than they can continue to justify? Jump the Shark week?

I won’t miss Kari or Tori. Grant had real engineering skills, but the other two members of the trio were clearly added to attract a younger and hipper audience (I’m neither) without really being in Grant’s league. I always found it odd that most episodes split the original duo and the trio apart with zero interaction between them. It was almost like watching two different shows spliced together.

Dunno if they can find an equivalent gig. Grant has a degree in electrical engineering and quite a resume in special effects, so it’s just a matter if he wants to go back to lower profile work. Kari - gallery artist? Getting known and attention is half the battle on that front. Might be able to get some other cable work as a host for a series. Tory? Hope you saved your money or you are willing to go back to set building. Honestly, it was a pretty good run as TV shows go - 10 years is a long time.

Always thought they were mostly pretty useless, myself. Their segments were never as interesting as Adam and Jamie.

— Alan

I pretty much quit watching when they stopped having the three interact with the two at all.

Good one, corsair.

Mythbusters Massacre.

Oh, I thought Grant was a great replacement for Miss Metalworker. He had genuine skills to add that were quite valuable. Yes, Kari got the nerd-love, and Tory was the lovable clown, but in what was essentially a high engineering/science show, Grant did a lot of the mental heavy lifting. Still, Jaime and Adam were the key figures.

It’s odd, but I was just speculating to myself this last week at what point would either Jaime or Adam decide the physical demands of the show get them to consider retiring, possibly leaving the show to the younger trio. What I figured was they had something the “build team” didn’t quite have.

Yep, it was about time for the format to change. I’m curious as to how things will be when they return. As noted above, most of the popular myths have already been covered, so perhaps the topical content may shift a bit as well. I doubt it was a money dispute so much as a decline in the show’s popularity and the need for some kind of transformation.

I imagine it was a confluence of things, but mostly money. Mythbusters is a pretty expensive show. If you run less experiments then you save money. If you have two high profile hosts instead of five, you save money. But at the same time, the comic-con panel showed that the show is also going in a new direction, one being pushed by Adam and Jaime, focusing more on the builds. Having two teams makes in-depth stuff harder.

If I were Discovery, though, I might just say ok, you guys keep your original show, and we’ll start Mythbusters: Special Victims Unit with the build team. But then again, that leaves less money for making up shark videos and shit.

You’re off base about Tory. He worked over at ILM and he was the one who invited Grant to join the show. He’ll be fine.

I understand he had been in the business for quite a while before Mythbusters - everybody has crossed over into their forties (except Jaime, who is closing in on 60). They all earned their spots in front of the camera the hard way. I just think Grant will have a more specific demand.

Grant has also made some good inroads into broader Nerd Culture (Kari, too, though I think perhaps a little less because she’s consciously made an effort to do so but rather has some very, ah, passionate fanboys). I saw him crop up on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop once or twice, and I think he’s been on Day[9]'s Spellslingers, too, plus random other things. He’s adapted well to the school of “self-branding” mentioned elsewhere on the forum yesterday and can probably just make do as an internet “personality” if he doesn’t want to do anything more than vlog about how cool Guardians of the Galaxy is for the rest of his life :)

Doesn’t Grant play Mr Sulu on that DIY Star Trek series? Guy probably has a ton of options.

This actually appeals to me. I still casually watch Mythbusters (maybe two or three episodes a season – I enjoy it but it’s not must see TV) but I recently subscribed to the Tested channel on YouTube primarily because I enjoy the Adam Savage One Day Builds segment where Adam builds something interesting from scratch. (Not nearly enough of these segments so far but I’m hoping for more in the future.) I like the way his mind works and after watching only a couple of these I find that it’s had a positive effect on my process and techniques when building things around the house.

He also appeared briefly in Heroes of Cosplay, helping out Chloe Dykstra. Constructed the animated robot on somebody’s talk show (just saw it the other day, but I forget who’s show). He gets around in addition to Mythbusters. Whether that ever translates into something as visible to Mythbusters, I don’t know, but he’ll be active for years to come. I’m sure they all will be, just how high profile that will be I guess we will eventually find out. If Mythbusters ended after next season, Adam will still be compulsively making stuff and have a following. Jaime will be running his business. It’s who they are.

Since Discovery split from BBC and the reality crap they’ve been pushing - Mythbusters was the only show I watched from their combined networks. Outside of a couple of Science Channel offerings - their lineup is pure shit. Go to their website and pan through their scrollable list of “shows”. It’s depressing as hell.

I wish they would bring back Junkyard Wars. One of the last good things that TLC played. It was a show where two (or three) teams were given a build (amphibious vehicle, portable bridge, hovercraft, etc) and they had to work with what they could find in the junkyard. They were given a day typically, and then the next day they would compete against one another to see which device was better.