Hall Monitors: Is there an "I Just Got a New Kitty" Thread?

I’d hate to offend a thread policeman by creating an unnecessary thread.

For the cat curious: He’s an 8-week old, long haired orange tiger, and as soon as he’s comfortable enough to emerge from his crate we’ll take pics.

Not that I can remember, so you haven’t offended me by starting a new thread, just by failing to post pictures!!

A real paparazzi would have stuck the camera into the crate. Pfft.

The correct title for this thread is “Should I be taking stills?” And the answer to that question is “yes.”

Awesome, can’t wait to see him! So is he a Siberian or Bengal Tiger?

That cat doesn’t exist until there are pics.

Call it Schrodinger.

No pics? WTF.

^ What he says. Who starts a cat thread without pictures?

Until Acid can coax his kitty out, I present an image of a friend’s cat named Puck. This was taken when he was 10 weeks old.

Wow, that is an impressive feat of sinking. Usually ships don’t list so much.

Meet Data!

He’s sleepy. There will be more pics in the next several days; currently all he does is sleep, whine, and poop. Like me!

He is an angry looking ginger kitty. Pretty color though.

Ahhh… where did you get him from? A friend of mine volunteers at Lolly-pop farm, and we get kitten stories. I can not venture into Lollypop farm as I am afraid of what will happen, that I may spontaneously turn into a crazy cat lady.

"Resistance is futile…

… you will be assimilated"

Adorable cat.

Now my wife’s browsing through Petfinder, and I blame you.

I posted these a week or so ago in the “what’s interesting” thread, but I must show them off again!



Awesome! Beautiful kitty Acid.

Here’s our cat Hannah just waking up from sleeping with my wife. Hannah loves nothing more than curling up as tightly as possible with us every night. I don’t know how we don’t squish her. We’re both very restless sleepers.

One of my cats likes to burrow under the covers and wedge himself between my wife and me. I have no idea how he’s managed to do this for ten years without either of us rolling over onto him or otherwise flattening him.

We’ll often wake up to see him under the covers except for his head, which is poking out and resting on one of our pillows.

You have an awareness of your body while you sleep. It’s how I can fall asleep on a 2-foot wide bed at camp and not fall off the side, even though I’m used to a queen sized mattress at home.

Ha, Acid’s kitten doesn’t look too pleased at being photographed. Very cute, though.